LeToya Luckett On “Single Ladies,” Slim Thug, And Who From Destiny’s Child She Would Work With Today

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While the other former members of Destiny’s Child have been out here having babies, cutting their hair off, releasing tell-all tracks and touring with Fela! on Broadway, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the lovely LeToya Luckett. The singer has been bitten by the acting bug over the last few years, and while she’s been busy honing her craft, working on shows like Treme and in movies like Preacher’s Kid. it seems that 2013 is about to be her year. Luckett is not only the new host of Centric’s half-hour lifestyle and entertainment series CultureList, but she’s working on a new album, AND she’s also part of season three of Single Ladies, which is premiering in January. We caught up with the busy beauty and chatted about everything from her dating life, Slim Thug, and which lady from Destiny’s Child she would want to work with on a song. It’s not who you think…

What People Expect From Luckett On “Single Ladies”:

“I play a character by the name of Felicia Price who’s a record exec. She’s a different kind of gal. She doesn’t take no flack from her employees. Very strong-willed. All about fashion. Almost like, have you seen Devil Wears Prada? Like that character. Yeah, same vein. So you already know what to expect from that.”

Which Destiny’s Child Member She Would Work With Now:

“Good question…I love all the girls. But I would love to do a gospel song with Michelle. That’s my friend. I love her. She’s such a sweetie pie, and I’m blessed to call her a friend. She’s such an amazing girl. She’s a girl-friend, a real girlfriend. Almost like a sister.”

Who She Would Like To Work With On Camera:

“Oh my God, Angela Bassett. And I would love to work with Gabrielle Union. People are always like, ‘Have people ever told you that you look like Gabrielle Union?’ Even on Second Generation Wayans they would say that. But I love her.”

If She’s Dating And What She Wants In A Relationship:

“No. Girl, when? For what? [laughs]

But no, I want the right relationship. I want something that’s right for me…Of course I want to cuddle, of course I want somebody to go to the movies with, and to talk to at night. But I’d rather wait on the right person God has for me instead of just jumping in to a person. As far as dating as an entertainer, or just in this generation period, there’s texting going on. Nobody’s really picking up the phone. We had to meet out on a date back in the day. You got to know a person. Back in the day you had no choice. There wasn’t Instagram, Twitter…You really had to go in and get to know the person. I think that’s kind of missing in today’s time. But I really want to find the time for a relationship. Hopefully they’ll find time for me and I’ll find time for them. I really want to get to know someone on all levels.”

What Advice She Would Give To Women Trying To Balance Dating And Their Career:

“We can get into “I don’t need a man, I don’t need this and I don’t need that,” and I believe that’s not true. God put us on this earth with the purpose of loving. Adam and Eve, hello! He created us for each other. So don’t get so caught up in your career that you forget to LOVE. Make sure you get to know that person so you’re not just jumping in to something.

I just think girls need to value themselves much more than they do. I think a lot of women don’t know their worth and they’re settling and I would definitely NOT do that. I would say it’s important to find that balance if you’re in a relationship already with work and your man. You’ve got to take care of him, honey. And if you’re getting out of a relationship, take the time for you to really clean house. If you knew you were having a guest over, nobody wants to come to a dirty home. Clean house. Don’t just put it away in a closet because one day somebody’s going to open that and everything, your past and business, is going to fall out. Figure out you, figure out what you really really want. It’s a hard thing to do, easier said than done, but I think we go into these new relationships with cluttered minds. We’re not freed up. There’s no space or room for him.”

On Cleaning House After Dating Slim Thug:

“…that was a very very long time. When you have somebody you were friends with for such a long time, it’s hard to let go of the friendship. And you get used to it, and comfortable with one person. We’re still cool. I see him– ‘Hey, what’s up what’s good?’ But I think we’ve both kind of outgrown each other…”

Luckett’s Thoughts on Bey’s Haircut and Kelly’s “Dirty Laundry”:

“As far as B’s new haircut, I did see a picture of it. I didn’t know what it was for. She has a beautiful face, but I didn’t know if she actually cut her hair…But she has a beautiful face. I know a lot of people have things to say about it, but c’mon, you sound like a hater when you’re looking at a girl like that. She can wear whatever! I’ll say it’s beautiful. She’s a beautiful girl.

As far as Kelly’s ‘Dirty Laundry,’ I feel like it’s very hard, especially as an artist, to be that vulnerable and come out and say some of the things that she did. I commend her for standing up and speaking out and pouring her heart out. She knew judgment was going to come from that, even backlash, but she didn’t care. That’s when you have the better song because you don’t care. You’re being free, you have that freedom, you’re speaking your mind. I love her for that.”

And we love LeToya! Check out Culturelist on Sunday at 11 p.m. on Centric. And once again, Single Ladies will be back in January. LeToya was such a sweetheart and we see major things happening for her this year!

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