Everything Ain’t For Everybody: When Celebrities Wearing Grills Goes Right And Really Wrong

August 15, 2013  |  
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Don’t let what the mainstream media says fool you. People have been rocking grills for many many years now (something had to replace the gold tooth…). While folks like Paul Wall, Lil Jon, Nelly, and Mike Jones made them really big circa 2005 and earlier, for some reason, in the last year or two they’ve had a major comeback and have been scooped up by pop stars and athletes alike. But who really looks good in them and who should quit while they’re ahead? Here are a few celebs who have tried grills with either good or tacky results. And no, I refuse to spell grills with a damn Z…


Yes, even Madonna, 54-year-old mother and pop legend has succumbed to the temptation of copping a grill. She has already posted numerous pictures to her Instagram showing off her fancy teeth with captions to the photos that say things like, “Don’t hate me. Hate my #grillz” and “Brushing my Grilzz Before I Booty Pop. A Woman’s work is never Done!”  I usually don’t trip when Madonna tries to play like she’s 25 again. When she wears skimpy outfits I applaud her because her body is serious! But grills? That’s just about enough Madge…


There’s not much you can tell Bey. She’s on top of the game these days, and if she wants to wear a grill, you know she will (and her followers will indeed follow suit like no other). But I will say that her grill choice is cute! Not too over-the-top and definitely subtle enough that they’re kind of chic. Fang grills are definitely for the classy chick who wants to show off just a little bit of her ratch side.


Ri Ri just might be the new queen of the grill. The Bajan baddie has quite a few that she loves to show off to her fans on Instagram. And she has even done a short video where she showed the process of getting a pair made for her “You Da One” video. And while I’m a fan of most of them (it just fits her persona I guess you could say), the jury is out on this gun look…What do you think?

Miley Cyrus

The change from Disney star to twerk star wouldn’t be complete in Cyrus’s world without a grill or two…or three. Whether she’s flashing them in photo shoots or in her videos, she’s clearly a fan of the trend. But are you?

Chris Brown

You know, Breezy is a naturally good looking guy, but something about the grills mixed with the thin facial hair just comes off a bit bumtastic. But if Team Breezy loves it, I think we should all just rally around his grills so we don’t receive the standard death threat…

Kanye West

This pic was hard to find, seeing how Kanye hasn’t smiled in a few years…Yeezy takes his grills very seriously folks. But really, these aren’t grills. West went on Ellen and explained that he had some of his bottom teeth replaced with a permanent set of gold and diamond teeth. Why did he go and do that? As he told Vanity Fair a few years back, “I just like diamond teeth and I didn’t feel like having to take them out all the time.”


As with most styles, Kelis was one of the first girls I saw proudly rocking a grill back when she put out the video for “Bossy.” They were gaudy, they were bright and in different colors, and damn it, they were cool!

Ryan Lochte

Bump what you heard! While Lochte’s various grills might be a bit corny for most folks’ liking, but your boy has been wearing them since at least 2007 in the most gaudy of designs. He just happened to catch everybody’s attention when he wore an American Flag adorned grill to the London Olympics last year. Cute guy, but uh, no. No thanks.

Big Sean

I’m not the biggest fan of Big Sean but for some reason I’m feeling the grill on him. Maybe because it’s a mix of gold and diamonds that match his necklaces instead of just one shiny set, but it’s a thumbs up on these babies for this baby.


Diddy’s boo caught some shade from folks on Instagram who said she was trying to be like Rihanna after posting this picture of herself with grills a week ago, but she clearly wasn’t stressing the haters. And she shouldn’t! She actually looks cute with her gutter gold grills!


Thankfully, Drizzy Drake doesn’t rock grills very often, but he did so when covering Source magazine in 2011 and showed up and showed out with a mouth full of golds. Honestly? It’s not really his type of look because I’m so used to him trying to be anti your rapper’s rapper. But what do you think?


Like Madonna, there are just some things I think people’s grown parents shouldn’t be out here doing. I’m sorry, it’s just how I feel. The 43-year-old has showed off grills for many years, and while it was all good back in 2006, I just find it an attempt now for him to keep up with the young boys. You’re too fly for this Diddy. Stick to working on your beloved Private Jet Dance.

Justin Bieber

When Bieber’s not peeing in mop buckets and trying his hardest to leave his sweet-kid-from-Canada image behind for a pop-meets-R&B-thug type of image, he’s showing off his grills on Instagram for his fans. As much as I would like him to go sit down somewhere these days and stop trying to ruin the good thing he’s got going (like being a 19-year-old mega-millionaire), I must say, those are some pretty fresh grills young sir!

Lady Gaga

What you can’t see from this photo is that Gaga’s grills on her top teeth are fancy Russian rose gold fangs that she was clearly excited about. And while she can get away with most crazy fashion moves (she stays thinking outside the box), can she get away with grills?

ASAP Rocky

With his Color Purple braids, unique designer ensembles and consistent gold grills, ASAP Rocky clearly has a style all his own. Surprisingly, I actually like the grills on him. He wears them consistently instead of just every once in a blue moon to be seen on Instagram, and honestly, they look good on the brotha. Who knew that was possible…?


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