Parting Ways With Aunt Flo By Choice: To Have A Period Or To Not Have A Period?

August 14, 2013  |  

While perusing through the hefty September issue for Glamour magazine on my tablet, I ran across an article that caught my attention and that I could somewhat relate to. It was titled, Why No One Is Getting Their Period Anymore, and the piece was on the growing trend of women making the choice to forgo their periods because…well, they just want to. And not for a few months, but even for years.

“Suppressing periods (by skipping the placebo pills at the end of a cycle and going straight to a fresh pack, or by using a continuous hormonal birth control method like Seasonale) is not only safe to do; it even makes you less likely to develop certain cancers, research shows.”

The author of the piece, Shaun Dreisbach, spoke about a party that was heavy on the wine that she attended recently. While feeling loose as a goose, somehow the topic came up about periods and she revealed to her friends that she hadn’t had her period in years, to the shock of her homies. However, many women have the same story. Dreisbach went on to encourage women to see their doctor before they decide to just dump Aunt Flo for however long they choose to, and that if they do and get the greenlight from their gyno, to still expect spotting here and there. While periods can be a pain (both literally and figuratively), I found myself sitting on the train thinking, could I really be comfortable living without it?

Just last month I made the decision to skip the placebo pills in my birth control. I did so as a last minute idea because I realized that I had planned an anniversary vacation with my boyfriend at the same time that my period was going to kick in and rain on my parade. I hadn’t even thought to check out of all things, my period’s schedule.

At the advice of my friend, I just moved from my placebos on to a fresh new pack, and because of that, was able to jump in pools and walk around South Beach carefree (and do other stimulating things of course, if you know what I mean). I didn’t think about my period until I came back home and all that spotting they speak of started happening. Weeks before my new period was supposed to come, I was bleeding irregularly while at work and while hanging with girlfriends. And when this period took longer than scheduled to show up even while back on the placebo pills, I was paranoid as all hell wishing it would hurry up and arrive (what had happened was, there was an incident after Miami and I needed that visual proof…once again, if you know what I mean). Once it finally did arrive, my bleeding was irregular and a little too light. Like pressing a curly fro then washing it and expecting the curls to come back the same way, I guess in the same way, periods take time to get back to normal.

Clearly there are major benefits to skipping your period, because 17 percent of young women are doing it nowadays. When you drop your period for convenience sake, there are no longer restrictions to when you’ll put on that crisp white ensemble, you can have sex all year round without possibly freaking your man out (period sex bothers some men big time), and you can save money on tampons and pads (a lot of which claim to be comfortable but still feel like diapers). Congrats. That’s all good and dandy.

However, when it comes to me, as of right now, I’m not trying to mess up the natural flow of what my body is supposed to be doing. I learned from the period after that Miami trip that I’m probably not going to pass on it again. Not because it wasn’t nice to have Aunt Flo out of sight and out of mind until more convenient times, but because it’s just not for me. I guess you can say that I just like the piece of mind that seeing Aunt Flo brings, even if that heffa can cramp me up good and ruin a nice pair of new drawls…

Are you someone who passes on monthly periods? Do you think you would or could do it?

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