9 Women You’re Bound To Meet In College

August 12, 2013  |  
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Whether you graduated 10 years ago or are going to school for the first time next week, there are a few things that never change in college. And that’s the people. Sure, every year a class graduates and a new one comes in but the types of people you’ll meet are pretty much the same university to university. Here are some of the types of women you’ll meet in school.

The Sexually Liberated Girl

This girl can be one from a overly strict family who couldn’t wait to get to college and break out and start living her life or she could just have extremely liberal views on sexuality and the subsequent expression. Either way, her openness (in some cases literally) might catch you off guard sometimes. She’s just advanced. While you’re still buying packs of Hanes briefs at Wal-Mart, she had a draw full of lingerie. You have a very loose grasp of male anatomy and where everything fits and she’s telling you stories about the male G-spot. You’re not judging but you have to marvel at her libido, the creative ways she manages to get it in and of course the colorful ways she relays the stories later.

The Hippy Dippy

Remember Freddie from “A Different World”? She exists. I lived with a Freddie type for a whole semester. A sweet girl, the Hippy Dippy type is more concerned with hugging trees than she is about actually attending class. She vehemently supports every environmental cause known to man, prefers to go barefoot and instead of buying you a Christmas present, she purchases animals to feed a family in a third world country for years to come. (Which is not a bad idea at all, actually.) The Hippy Dippy just sees the world in a different way. Don’t be surprised if at some time during your journey she decides this whole “college thing” just isn’t for her.

The I Have Daddy/Mommy Issues Girl

I never appreciated my parents the way I should have, until I went to college and saw the things that some of peers had to endure. Not saying that my family is perfect, but some of my classmates were going through things at home, I couldn’t even imagine. There were abusive husbands absentee fathers, vindictive and cruel mothers and my personal favorite: the parents who would threaten to stop paying tuition if their daughters came home with piercings. Could we please save the dramatics? One of the biggest lessons I learned from college was that you never know what type of home life people come from and to be grateful for your own life, there could always be more dysfunction.

The Slacker

This woman basically has no work ethic. She skips class at least three times a week, opting to catch up on the sleep she didn’t get during the weekend when she was out partying. She never reads the required class material, asks for an extension on every paper and basically believes procrastination is a  religion. Now, just because the slacker does the minimal work, doesn’t mean that she’s not smart. In fact, she’s low key brilliant, she just prefers to work on her own schedule instead of the syllabus. When your college career is over and the both of you have graduated, you’ll look back and wonder how in the hell she did it.

The Stunner

You know this girl. Even though your campus is full of cobblestone roads, uneven pavement and damp lawns, this chick will be rocking six inch heels, a face full of makeup, and the flyest threads to her 8 a.m. class. Everyone else is fresh faced, decked out in hoodies and sneakers. My first couple of weeks of school, I tried to apply makeup everyday and dress nicely. But it wasn’t long before I learned that life wasn’t for me. Kudos to the women who can do this, I just wasn’t one of them.

The Born Again

Alright, I know this is a touchy one but it’s so real. Now, I’m a Christian too so there’s nothing wrong with finding Jesus and trying to change your life for the better. The problem with [some] of the born agains is that as soon as they’re converted they immediately start judging and in some cases condemning the very same people they used to run with. I understand you’re living a different life now but your personal relationship with God doesn’t mean you have to start helping him do his job and start monitoring other people’s behavior.

The Socially Awkward Clinger

I have sympathy for this socially awkward clinger because I could have easily been her. College can be a very scary time. There’s pressure to quickly make friends in a new environment where you don’t know anyone. It’s such an uncertain time. So when you think you’ve found a friend, it’s not hard to get attached. I’ve been awkward all my life but the difference between being socially awkward and being a clinger is that you are completely unaware and unable to read the cues that perhaps people don’t want to be around you.

The ‘Are You Checkin For My Man?!’ Chick

There’s always that one chick who got with her man within the first month school started and for whatever reason is very possessive of this new boo. If anyone even blinks in his direction, she’s ready to lay hands claiming that person is trying to take what’s hers. Truth be told though, she is the only girl in your small college town who wants that man, trust.

The True Blue/Ride Or Die

Let me not deceive you, you’ll actually meet some really great people in college. In high school where everyone was concerned about shallow things, tastes have matured in college. People are increasingly becoming more and more comfortable being themselves and you’ll find that you mesh with people on a deeper level than you did in high school, primarily because you’re living with these people. It’s not uncommon for the people you meet in college to become and remain best friends long after you leave the halls of academia.

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