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If you’re about to enter into a round of negotiations there are some tricks the other side might pull to get a leg up. According to Inc. (via The Huffington Post) there are ways around the various tactics.

A case of cold feet:  You and the other sides have been going back and forth and finally it seems as though you reached a verbal agreement. But wait, not they are pulling away by saying things like “we’re not if we should make this move at this time.”

“[T]he prospect is hoping that you’ll offer additional concessions rather than lose the sale. Rather than jumping to concessions, however, your best strategy is probe further to see whether there’s a real problem or whether you’re just being yanked around,” advises Inc.

Making an unreasonable demand: The negotiations seem to be sailing along until the other person suddenly demands something totally unreasonable, such as, “We’ll make the deal  if you stop doing business with our competitors.”

“What’s going on here is that the prospect is planning to concede the unreasonable request as a bargaining chip to extract more realistic concessions. Your best strategy is to call the customer’s bluff,” advises Inc.  They will most likely back down.

Dealing for a last-minute discount.  The contracts are drawn up and you’re all about to sign then wham the prospect wants a mega discount.

They want to make sure you have given them the best possible deal. “The worst thing you can do at this point is to give the discount, because then you’ve told the prospect you can’t be trusted to offer the best deal,” reports Inc.

Taking her sweet time. One tactic is to make the negotiations drag on in hopes you will give in to their demands just to get the deal done at long last.

“In this case, prospect is hoping that you’ve got a quota to make and therefore will sweeten the deal in order to speed up the process. Your best strategy in such situations is to surface some negative consequences of delaying the sale,” writes Inc.

In other words, hold fast to your position and use a little strategy of your own to get as close to your demands as possible.

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