Why I’m Starting to Appreciate #TeamStupid

August 14, 2013  |  

There used to be a time when I would feel annoyed when people did dirt and then broadcasted it on social media.  The annoyance first came when a former elementary school classmate had a bag of weed as his Facebook profile picture, while working with children.  Needless to say, he lost that job.

I’ve never been a person who thirsted for attention, so it’s hard for me to understand people who do.  The pictures of girls in their lingerie in the bathroom (why the bathroom, though?), to the people who troll celebrities, the concept goes over my head.  But they’ve been the least of my concern lately.  The new crop of thirst-buckets come in the form of wanting to display nefarious deeds.  At first I would feel embarrassed for them.  Then, I would become angry at them.  Now, I’m beginning to support them, and here’s why.

For those who were raised on Disney films, as a child you grow accustomed to what you think a villain is supposed to look like.  They’re supposed to have a thin and narrow face, a heavy voice (regardless of gender) and possibly a scar.  So, when you  grow up you learn the sad realization that some horrible people have beautiful faces, and it can be hard to differentiate who to trust, until now.

This world is filled with billions of people, and at first you had to get to know them before you realized that you didn’t like them.  Now, all you have to do is check out their social media accounts to know if they’re worth any of your time.

Some people are so amped to expose their own stupidity.  Like, the mother who posted a picture of her baby with a bong to his mouth.  Or the mother who actually made a video and posted it on Youtube of her two year old smoking weed while she and her moron cohorts cackled in the background.   The sad thing is, when I went to link the original picture I was thinking about, I found over three million posts about that story and other disgusting parents who did the same thing.  For the people who wanted to showcase their baby using a bong, or another type of weed-inhaling apparatus, there was eleven million results.

Moving on from those morons, we have the ones who do horrible things to your food, and then post it, bragging.  Like the guy who recently posted his peen a roll from Subway.  Or the guy who stood on top of two containers of shredded lettuce at Burger King, but thought he was clever by posting it anonymously on 4Chan.  Idiot.

Though I find myself getting angry discussing these moments in lack of common sense, I’m also relieved that they happen.

For those who studied the theories of Charles Darwin, he expressed the idea that soon became known as “Social Darwinism.”  He created this theory while studying vegetation and a turtle migration in the Galapagos Island and compared.  His theory described the idea of “The Survival of the Fittest,” that only the strongest survive.  Meaning that weaker specimens end up contributing to their own demise, and this is what is true for these people.

They show a lack of intelligence and they’re doing exactly what weaker specimen are supposed to do: contributing to their own demise, causing their own lack of jobs and incarceration.  There’s no more pity, or embarrassment for these clowns.  They got the attention they sought after, and they deserve every single punishment they get.

So go ahead, #TeamStupid, #TeamMoron, #TeamMisguided.  Continue your attention seeking, thirst-bucket, antics.  Also, remember to post it on every social media site that you can.  So, people like you can be removed from normal society, and stop being the wastes of spaces that you are.  Please, your public awaits.

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