9 Outrageous Moments From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

August 6, 2013  |  
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When it comes to “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” we all know it’s a hot mess. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll never be bored. And last night’s first portion of the reunion show was no different. So let’s dive into the drama.

K.Michelle and Mimi

We thought that K. Michelle and Mimi kissed and made up by the end of season 2. But the way these two were treating each other on stage, it was clear that something had gone down. When Mona asked the ladies where they stood, Mimi dodged and then redirected the question to K.Michelle who said they were good and then complimented Mimi’s orange dress in that fake, I really don’t mess with you kind of way. When I was watching the show, I couldn’t figure out what happened but then later, VH1 released footage of the comical (?) serenades K.Michelle performed for some of the cast members. And I’m sure this had at least a little something to do with the tension.

“I’m A Sl*t Monkey For Your Baby Daddy and You Hate It!”

Mona pits Mimi and Joseline against each other within the first two minutes of the show by asking Joseline what she thinks of Mimi’s boob job. Smart, huh? Immediately Joseline comes with the wit, saying that Mimi got the boob job because she wants to be like her and it’s good she got something because it looked like somebody sucked the meat out of her butt with a straw. Lol Seriously, I don’t know where Joseline comes up with all these quips. The best one of the night came when Mimi called Joseline a string of names including a sl*t monkey. Joseline retorted: “I’m a sl*t monkey for your baby daddy and you hate it.”

The Love Triangle

After the insults fly, Mona, Stevie, Joseline and Mimi have a more civilized conversation about their real issues with each other. For the life of me I can’t understand why, after 1 year and a half of Stevie and Joseline dating, is Mimi still so in her feelings about these two. There were times when I literally thought she was going to have an aneurysm, she was so upset. And despite the vitriol she spewed, Mimi says that she doesn’t have a problem with Joseline, that she doesn’t want Stevie J. and whatever. While I’d like to believe her, the fact that her emotions are so raw right now is a bit telling. Now, maybe she was mad because they brought her daughter up but still the anger seemed to be coming from some place else. If she was this mad before these two announced their marriage, I wonder how she’s feeling now.

Joseline says that she has a problem with Mimi because when she drops Eva off to see Stevie, she doesn’t speak to her. I guess she wants them to be cordial. While it would be nice, it’s certainly not a requirement, so I’m not quite sure why Joseline is so in her feelings either when it comes to Mimi. Perhaps because she knows if she ever decides she wants Stevie back, he’d be sleeping with her too.

This is how things went left.

Erica and Scrappy

Erica got emotional just looking at the playback of she and Scrappy’s relationship from just this past season. God only knows what these two have been through off camera. Personally, I want them to be together but Scrappy has a lot of work to do…a lot. And while the both of them didn’t rule out the possibility of a reconciliation, Erica said that it wouldn’t happen overnight and the two are just working on being friends right now.

The Delusional Side Chick

I can only laugh at Shay and her desperate attempts to prove that she wasn’t just the side chick. Boo, did Vh1 play a montage of you and Scrappy’s most intimate moments? Has he ever said he loved you publicly? I mean really, just give it up. Scrappy played you and he was wrong for that; but coming after the mother of his child, the woman he’s clearly in love with is so tired. Just stop. But then again, Shay might be trying to bring the drama just to remain relevant for another season. Unless Scrappy decides to play with her emotions again, I can’t see why she would be invited back to season 3. As Erica stated, “And you still a cast b member, b!+ch.” Well…

Traci and Drew

I will be shocked and appalled if Traci and Drew somehow make it back around for the third season. Nothing about their back and forth relationship seems authentic. The second Traci starts speaking, she’s yelling. And as Mona said last night, even though she swears she’s so over Baby Drew (that name is so fitting), every time she seems him with another woman her head starts spinning. I just want to sit her down and explain, babe he cheated on you almost seven years ago, it’s time to stop being so invested.

Mommy Issues

The show got really real when Mimi came to Joseline’s defense. It all started when Joseline said Stevie doesn’t know how to treat a woman because he didn’t have a mother. He tried to jump in and refute the point, but that’s very clear at this point. The man has no clue. And what’s so tripped up about the whole situation is that everyone in the triangle has or had absentee, neglectful mothers. Joseline ended up breaking down when she started talking about the ways in which Stevie manipulates her. But the conditioning is deep because no sooner after she admitted how dirty he does her, she started talking about marrying him, having his babies and spending the rest of her life with him. I guess she’s on the path to getting what she wants, but it’s  kind of scary actually.

Momma Dee’s Headgear

I was surprised to see that Momma Dee remained so quiet while Scrappy and Erica were talking about their relationship. But even though she was verbally silent, her accessories were loud enough to make up for it. This jeweled headpiece? Lol Momma Dee will not give up this royal theme.

Next Time: Kirk and Rasheeda

There’s so much dysfunction to discuss about Kirk and Rasheeda that Vh1 couldn’t even squeeze it all into this first episode.  I did notice that when they introduced Kirk, the audience welcomed him with a resounding boo. No one is here for him…except maybe Rasheeda. We’ll see what he has to say for himself next week, though I doubt it’ll be anything substantial.

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