Signs You’re Addicted To Facebook And Need To Get A Real Life

August 7, 2013  |  
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Though Facebook has been around for years now, the social media website has continued to gain popularity throughout the years, especially as the owners have allowed the website to morph and appeal to a wider audience. As of August 2013, Facebook had more than 1 billion active users. With this in mind, it isn’t surprising that some people spend way too much time and energy on Facebook. In fact, you may be one of them. Here are 14 signs that you’re addicted to Facebook.

You have to update your status all of the time

Everywhere you go and everything you do on a single day can be found on Facebook through your status updates. You update your status at work, at home, from school, from the mall…from anywhere really. When you don’t update your Facebook status, you feel all sorts of anxiety and a twinge of sadness.

Even in the bathroom…

Going along the lines of updating, you’re so addicted to the website that you can’t even do your thing in peace. Instead, you find yourself liking photos, updating your status, and chatting to friends, all while doing your business. Facebook doesn’t belong in the bathroom!

You need to have a lot of e-friends

It isn’t uncommon for people to friend the people they know in real life on Facebook. However, if you’re really addicted to Facebook, you may find that your friends list is busting at the seems. You may have 500+ friends on your page, but you only know 200 of them personally. To make matters worse, you probably only talk to about 50 of your friends, if not less, consistently.

You spend hours on the site

No matter what day it is or how busy you are, you are always able to make time to spend on Facebook. But, you don’t just spend a few minutes on the site. Instead, you find that you can or have spent hours browsing Facebook, chatting with friends, joining groups, and so on. Spending a few minutes a day on Facebook is acceptable, but spending hours on just that site alone is flat out unhealthy.

You’re always Facebooking

When you’re not Facebooking, you’re Facebooking, literally. As soon as you shut down your laptop, you’re opening up the Facebook app on your phone to make sure that nothing new has happened. You Facebook wherever you can, and the app is always constantly open and running on your phone.

Your whole relationship is on FB

You post when each of your relationships end, as well as when they begin, and you of course post when your relationship hits any sort of turbulence. You’re keen on ensuring that your FB relationship status is kept up to date. When you and your man go out on a date, you’re quick to update your status and to post a picture to go along with it.

You jump on every bandwagon

Whenever your friends like something, you have to like it as well. Your page is sometimes flooded with all sorts of events and reposts that you have added to your wall. You’ve hopped on the dieting fad as well as the fad to see who can achieve a thigh gap by the end of the year. You know all about Facebook trends and bandwagons.

You’re always changing your profile

Aside from having a lot of friends and a lot of Wall posts, you are also extremely focused on ensuring that your profile is eye-catching and unique. You spend a lot of time making your profile look and sound nice so that you will stand out from the billions of other users. You compulsively change your profile around to keep things fresh and new.

It’s become a personal diary

Whenever anything happens in your life, the Facebook world knows about it before your best friend or even your mother does, unless of course they’re always on Facebook as well. When you’re feeling bad, when you made cookies for work, or when your boyfriend bought you flowers, you make sure to post it on Facebook for everyone to see.

You crave likes

Your heart flutters and it absolutely makes your day when people “Like” your status, your pictures, or your recent relationship change. In fact, you sometimes purposefully post things, knowing that a few of your friends will like it. At the same time, when you don’t get likes, it totally ruins your day.

FB makes you late

You’ve been late to class and/or to work because you’ve gotten so wrapped up in Facebook that the time completely slipped your mind. Even if this has happened only one time, this is a huge sign that you need to back off with your Facebook usage. There is no social network so important it should conflict with your career and education.

You take new profile pics daily

What’s the point of a profile picture if it’s not up to date, right? You can’t stand the thought of having a day old profile picture as your main display. You take the time and energy to pose for shots throughout the day in order to find one that meets the needs of a perfect profile pic.

Its your home page

Open any browser on your computer, tablet, or phone, Facebook immediately pops up because it is your home page. Having FB as your home page further emphasizes the heavy importance that you put on the website. Change your home page, and give your mind a break. There’s no need to be on the site 24/7.

Your dog has a FB page

Surely you’ve come across those Facebook profiles that belong to cats and dogs, and maybe you decided one day that you have enough time to make a page for your favorite furry friend, so why not. You know you’re addicted to Facebook when your dog, cat, or both, has a profile page, and you’ve taken it to the extreme when you post updates from them.

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