Walkmans And VHS Tapes: Signs You Were A 90’s Baby

August 9, 2013  |  
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Perhaps if you  scour the aisles of a flea market, you may stumble upon a Sony Walkman, complete with the ol’ skool headphone. Definitely not Beats by Dre, but back in the day, you were cooler than a fan walking down the street listening to tunes on your Walkman. The 80’s birthed the 90’s, which in turn gave us the original swag – real music that we grooved to, gear that we rocked fearlessly and catch phrases we used in our everyday lingo.

When you told your girlfriend something and she stared at you in dismay, you were always quick to say, PYSCHE! You knew the theme song to Carmen San Diego, and you drove yourself crazy trying to find Waldo and his wacky red and white striped shirt. If only we could give our youth today a dose of the 90’s so they could get that taste of easy livin’. Read on and see if you can relate to these 90-isms.


1. You remember the roaring sound of white snow for dial up internet. Then you got mad when you needed to use the phone and someone was on the computer.

2. You remember telling people to talk to the hand.

3. In West Philadelphia, born and raised. Your turn! You know you can’t resist the urge to sing the rap to “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.”


4. You had rows of those troll dolls with the bright, Frankenstein hair.



5. You mastered Liu Kang’s bicycle kick in Mortal Combat.

6. Big bowl of cereal and One Saturday morning. Enough said.

7. You wanted to kick it with Khadijah, Max, Regina, Sinclair, Kyle and Overton from the hit sitcom, Living Single

8. You rocked back and forth and hung on to every lyric sang by the beautiful Aaliyah.


9. You wore oversized overalls with one strap clasped.


10. Forget sagging. Wearing your clothes backwards like Kriss Kross was the coolest thing ever.


11. You visited Blockbuster every Friday for the latest video tapes, and were hyped to see the new releases.


12. You wanted Ricky to take another route home in Boyz n da Hood.

13. Whenever you were going through some things, listening to Tupac’s Keep Ya Head Up always put things in perspective.

14. TLC meant more to you than tender, loving, care. Creep, Ain’t To Proud To Beg, and No Scrubs. Need I say more?



15. You can do the Macerena with your eyes closed.


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