Rolling With The Homies: Overlooked Perks of Having Male Friends

August 5, 2013  |  
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Some women are given slack for having too many male friends, but in all honesty, a friend is a friend, no matter if it’s a male or female. If you’re one of those women who has found it much easier to hang out with and communicate with men as opposed to women, you’re definitely not alone, or odd. There are some definite perks to having a gang of male friends. Here are 14 of them.

You don’t have a lot of drama to worry about

We all know that some women can be drama queens, but when it comes to men, most of them prefer to stay away from the drama as much as possible. Having guy friends greatly minimizes the risks of getting yourself stuck in the middle of some drama-ridden cat fight that you know won’t end well. Guys are much more chill and relaxed, and they typically don’t let drama come between themselves and their friends.

They can translate guy talk for you

Let’s say you’ve been recently talking to this guy who has been giving you mixed signals. Or maybe you were out at the club one night with your friends and this guy was sending you all sorts of vibes, but he was speaking in guy talk, a language you really don’t get. You can count on your male friends to be translators for you, and you’ll know right away whether this other guy is messing around or not.

They’re willing to eat whatever whenever

Your male friends don’t care that you’re on a diet, and on those days when you really just want to splurge, you can do so without one of them talking about sticking to their diet, let alone watching the size of their waistline. Guys will eat pizza, fries, wings, and slurp everything down with a soda, no questions asked. Male friends equals guilt free eating, especially during those times when you just wanna EAT!

They’ll give you honest advice

Your female friends will give you honest advice, but your male friends take honest advice to a whole new level, especially when it comes to guys and dating. Your female friends will sugarcoat things in order to make them sound nicer and not be so harsh. But, one of your male friends will really tell you just like it is, no nice words or corner cutting involved.

There’s no competition

Without a doubt, there has been a time in the past that you and a girlfriend of yours were crushing on the same guy. This can be a very awkward situation and usually causes all sorts of unnecessary drama and tension between the two of you, but the great thing about having guy friends is that there’s no need to worry about having to compete for a potential partner’s attention — that guy is all yours.

They’ll let you know if you look good or not

A close girlfriend of yours may tell you whether or not that dress makes you look a bit round or not, but she won’t tell you flat out. But, ask one of your male friends whether or not your outfit looks all right, and you’re bound for all sorts of blunt answers. If you’re getting ready for a date, it can help to ask for a guy’s opinion on your overall look. Your friend will give you a yay or nay in no time.

They can help with the more manly things in life

So you’re moving from your parent’s house into a new apartment? No big deal. You ordered a new couch with only curb-side delivery? No problem at all. You have plenty of male friends to call who are more than willing to help you with the heavier things in life. You don’t have to hire and pay for movers to get the work done for you. Instead, your guy friends will help as much as they can, and you pay them back with a case of beer.

You can trash talk each other

When you have male friends, trash talk is all but the norm when you guys speak, and you never have to worry about someone’s feelings getting hurt. With guy friends, you can dish out the trash talk, but you know to expect to get some banter thrown right back at you. There’s absolutely no worries of someone getting hurt and causing a stir of drama. Trash talk one of your girlfriends and you may have some serious issues to work out.

You’ll always have a date

So you’re single at the moment, but you’ve been invited to two different weddings this month. What’s a girl to do? Call on one of her best male friends, of course. No matter what occasion is, you can always count on one of your male friends to step in as your date for the night. This makes special occasions a lot less stressful as you have a date after a single text message.

You can hijack their clothes

In the event that you need to build up your stash of comfy sweats and hoodies, you know exactly the place to go. Who needs to go to the mall and spend money when you can just as easily hijack some from one of your male friends? If you’re really in luck, you have some of those friends that are really forgetful and tend to leave their stuff at your house, which of course means, by default, they’re yours.

You can freely make a fool out of yourself

When you’re having one of those days or nights when you just want to let loose and make an absolute fool out of yourself, you can do that around your guy friends, simply because they’ll find it funny, and they’re already making themselves look like fools. Doing this around females means you’d better prepare yourself for a lot of judgement and embarrassment. Your guy friends simply won’t care — so be carefree.

You’ll always be introduced to their single friends

As a single woman, it can sometimes be really hard trying to find a guy who would be a good partner for you. Dating in itself can be really stressful, not to mention time consuming. But, when you have a lot of guy friends, you’re able to network, and more likely than not, you’ll be introduced to their single friends. The best part is that you’re in the middle of a matchmaking game, and most guy friends will only introduce you to those men that they feel are good for you.

You have bodyguards at the tip of your finger

If you ever run into any problems with a guy, you know exactly who to call to make sure that you’re safe and out of trouble. We’ve all run into those guys who are complete jerks and will hound you until they get what they want. When this happens, having guy friends is a huge perk, as you essentially have bodyguards at the tips of your fingers.

Arguments will last all of 15 minutes

Arguing with one of your girlfriends can last for days, even weeks, as women tend to be more confrontational, emotional, and more likely to hang onto words. But, if you ever get into an argument with one of your male friends, you can count on the disagreement to last all of 15 minutes. Most men don’t like to argue, nor do they like to hold grudges against their female friends. A male friend is more likely to drop the conversation and move on to something new.

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