Signs You Grew Up in the South – Don’t Be ‘Shamed!

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The south is a special place. Whether you live there now, or just call it home, southern women all have a little something in common. And we’ve made a list of the things that remind us that we grew up south of the Mason-Dixon.

You Have a “Big Mama”

She’s not grandma or granny, she’s “Big Mama.” And she’s at the head of a family that has more cousins than you can count. She makes the best macaroni and cheese you’ve ever tasted and isn’t afraid to tell you exactly how it is.

You Take Your Sports Seriously

In the south, sports are a way of life. And high school and college games may be the most important of all. Friday night games are what you remember most about school and you still go to a game every now and again when you’re playing against an old rival. Sundays are reserved for professional football, and you’ll be at All Star Weekend next February.

You Have a Cousin Named June Bug

Or “Peanut” or “Pookie”. You’ve been calling him that for so long that you have to think for a minute to remember his real name. And when you go back home, people call you “Boot,” “Sugar Bear” or anything else that has nothing to do with your real name.

They Closed Down Your School Over a Centimeter of Snow

Something about cold weather sends southern people into a panic. As soon as the grass frosts up, it’s time to turn on the news. They may close down the whole district. But all of that hooky set you up for a rude awakening when you moved up north and still had to trudge to class in the middle of what must be a blizzard.

Sometimes You Have to Translate

Not everyone can tell what you mean when you’re “finna do something”, or how “you like’d to fall out when you heard…” or knows that “well, bless your heart” is sometimes the southern version of the side eye. And your translation duties double if you’re from Louisiana where everything is just a little bit French, Cher.

It Felt Like Southern Girl Was Written About You

Third Coast music was the best thing that ever happened to the south. From Outkast to Screw Music to Cash Money. Finally people started to give the south some respect.

You Have A Special Relationship with Pork

Vegetables don’t taste right without fat back. And two days out of the week, you can be found at your favorite barbecue spot eatin’ a pulled pork baked potato. At this point, you’ve eaten everything on the pig from the rooter to the tooter…except maybe chit’lins because you’ve smelled them cooking.

You’re a Grown Woman Who Still Says “Yes Ma’am”

Even though it makes your boss feel awkward, southern women use ma’am, sir, please and thank you compulsively. We just can’t help it. We’ve been reminded to mind our manners for so long it’s second nature.

You Know How to Do the Dance to Like 15 Songs

In the south, music has specific dance moves to go with it. You know how to Bunny Hop, South Side, Back That A– Up and Lean With it Rock With it. And if they mess around and play one of those songs at Wal-Mart, you may have to bust a move or two before you go back to pushing your cart.

You Went to a Historically Black College

Spelman, Howard and Clark are all in the south. And if you went to any HBCU, you were probably a Delta or an AKA. Not that there was really a choice. You’ve known what sorority you were going to pledge since high school.

You’ve Spent Three or More Hours at a Church Service

And church is a service and a fashion show. Everybody’s rocking pastels, knee-length suit jackets and big hats. And after you’ve spent the equivalent of a part-time shift hearing the word, it’s time for dinner. It just doesn’t feel right to come home before three.

You’ve Been Nervous About Stopping in a Small Town

Post-racial America hasn’t reached every small town just yet. And you know that towns like Vidor, Texas are best seen through your rear view mirror while you get to where you’re going.

You’ve Suffered From a Stereotype

The South doesn’t exactly have the best public relations. Some people think people living below the Mississippi live on farms and drive tractors to school. “Do you have a Gap in Houston? Yes. The Gap is everywhere. Even in the South.”

You Put Sugar and Butter In Your Grits

Or you just know that grits are the best thing for breakfast. Along with biscuits, gravy, sausage, eggs bacon and maybe some leftover barbecue from yesterday.

You Know That This Isn’t the Union Jack

And you have some pretty strong feelings about it. You’ve had to sit next to someone rocking it without losing your cool. Or, if you did, they tried to explain to you how it wasn’t about racism but “southern pride”.


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