Joseline The Maid And The #LifePartnerGang: 9 Of The Craziest Moments From The LHHATL Season Finale

July 30, 2013  |  
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And that’s all folks! Last night marked the season finale of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and boy did it go out with an embarrassing bang. Relationships ended for good, questions of engagement were answered, a cast member decided to leave Atlanta and by the end of it all, another was blocking punches. If you watched, you know the foolery I’m talking about. But if you didn’t, feel free to get filled in about what you missed. We have a feeling the reunion is going to be good!

Stevie J Takes Joseline’s Engagement Ring, But Doesn’t Give Her A Yes Or No Answer…

After proposing to Stevie in Puerto Rico, Joseline was waiting for the usual yes or no response. He doesn’t make it clear what his decision is, but goes on to take the ring she has bought for him as a token of her love. He basically tells her to give him some time, saying “I’m not gonna say yeah right now. And I’m not gonna say no.” While he tells her that with patience brings great things, she takes his acceptance of her ring as confirmation of their engagement and starts getting geeked up. If only she knew what embarrassing stuff was in store for her…

K Michelle Is Moving To NYC And Wants To Make Amends For Past Behavior

Now that her career is finally back on track and her record company has pushed her to behave a lot better, K Michelle decides that she’s “outgrown” Atlanta and decides that she’s ready to move to NYC. Of course, we know this move will make way for inclusion into the Love and Hip Hop New York cast. Before making that big leap though, she decides to make amends with everyone, especially Rasheeda, after throwing a candle at her at the beginning of the season and disrespecting the rapper and her hot mess husband, Kirk. The women meet up because Karlie Redd was thirsty for some camera time and asked them to get together, and in the end, both women seem ready to be bigger (no pun intended for a very pregnant Rasheeda) and better people.

Scrappy Stands Up To Momma Dee While In Jail Rehab

Maybe rehab is terrible, but I just found it crazy that while there to do better about a weed addiction, Scrappy was acting like he was in cell block 8 and was stuck in hell because he had a twin bed and couldn’t go wherever he wanted. He received a visitor, even if it was just his clingy mother Momma Dee, but during her visit, he tried to blame her, as well as Erica and even Shay for his weed use. While I agree with Momma Dee that Scrappy needed to take responsibility for his own downfalls, I also agree with him that her constant meddling in his life needs to cease. She acted like she received his message, but we’ve heard this before and watched her act a damn fool later.

Mimi Finds Out Joseline And Stevie Are Somewhat Engaged

After Joseline couldn’t wait to spill the beans at K Michelle’s celebratory moving party, you know Arian ran back to Mimi with the quickness with the news. Mimi, who was recovering from having breast implants, proceeded to laugh out loud when she heard the news from Arian and Erica, saying that Joseline is about to go through the same pain and embarrassment she went through for years because Stevie would never change. She seemed more enthused about her new boobies than she did anybody’s half-a**ed engagement…

Rasheeda Is Having A Boy, And Still Doesn’t Want To Bother With Little Boy Kirk

We know that outside of the show, Rasheeda has said that she and Kirk are trying to work things out slowly but surely, but as the season wrapped up on-screen, Rasheeda still wasn’t feeling Kirk’s apologies and excuses for his decision to clown and step out on her. He tried to fix things up by showing up at their home (which she kicked him out of a few episodes ago) with a new Benz truck filled with baby toys, balloons and other bull. While Rasheeda told him she appreciated the gifts, she put him in his place again, telling him that she still doesn’t accept his apology yet. By the end of the show, she’s happily planning for the arrival of her son (congrats!) on her own.

Benzino And Stevie J Make Up, and He Apologizes For His Wack “Smashed The Homies” Diss Against Joseline

We here at MN had our own falling out with Benzino over his terrible “Smashed The Homies” diss song and video with the over-inflated Joseline look-alike. And while we expected for Stevie J to feel some kind of way as well, he actually wasn’t all too pissed about Benzino’s actions, but did try to clown the video girl something serious after she claimed, “I don’t look like Joseline, she looks like me!” While they managed to get back on good terms, he later sought forgiveness from Joseline, who forgave him as well. She didn’t have time to be worried about Benzino, she was too busy trying to plan that wedding that was not going to happen…

Scrappy And Erica Realize They’re Not Meant To Be…For Now

Still in rehab and in need of a haircut, Scrappy (who went back to the name Darryl) was visited by Erica, who brought back the engagement ring she had at one time decided to put up for consignment. The two talked about the state of their relationship. Erica decides that while she cares deeply for Scrappy, after 11 years of trying, she’s not looking to marry him and wants to be done for good. He seems shocked, but understands his mistakes and how they’ve influenced her decision. Sorry, bruh!

Stevie J Decides To Become “Life Partners” With Joseline, But Puts A Ring On Mimi’s Finger Too

Just when Joseline thought things were finally becoming serious with Stevie, he pulled the ultimate I-love-you-but-I-don’t-want-to-commit-to-you switcheroo by giving Joseline a ring and making her a part of the LPG: Life Partner Gang. Unfortunately for her, he invited Mimi to this induction and gave her a ring as well as a “token of his appreciation.” So all in all, Stevie J didn’t make things official with Joseline, and in return, she decided to swing off on him (pr moreso the security holding her back) in a very emotional moment. She tried to be vulnerable in their relationship, but Stevie was…well, Stevie.

Mimi Turns The Tables On Joseline: “Who’s The Maid Now?”

Ironically, while Joseline was in the cut crying her eyes out at Stevie ruining her engagement, or whatever it was, Mimi was waltzing around the room where Stevie donned them with two rings, laughing until she couldn’t laugh anymore. You could say that she was having the last laugh after Joseline started the season trying to make a mockery of Mimi, again, calling her “Molly the Maid” and rubbing her relationship with Stevie in Mimi’s face. In the end, she told a tearful Joseline, “You wanted him, girl you got him! Congratulations on the engagement! Who’s the maid now??” And oh yeah, she happily accepted the “free” ring Stevie bestowed her with, as well as the glass of champagne.

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