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July 19, 2013  |  

There are standard interview questions that constantly stump job candidates. According to Savvy Sugar there are some nearly perfect answers for these common interview questions.

Most potential employers will start off the interview with the directive “Tell me about yourself.”

This is an answer you can practice beforehand. It is sort of like your own personal elevator pitch. “You want to give them a brief rundown of who you are as a person and show how you articulate you are. Don’t start rambling on about your personal history. Talk about highlights from job positions or schooling and how you can contribute to the company with your background and experiences,” advises Savvy Sugar. If the company is looking for someone with technical skills, highlight yours.

Another common question is: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Play up your strengths that fit the position you are seeking.”For example, if you’re applying for a human resources position, talk about your interpersonal skills,” notes Savvy Sugar.
Talking about your weakness is tough, but don’t give the standard answers most people like–“such as you work too hard or you’re too much of a perfectionist.” Instead, be as truthful as possible without taking yourself out of the running for the job. “Don’t disclose anything that will make you look like an incompetent employee, such as not meeting deadlines and getting into conflicts with co-workers. Put a positive spin on the weakness but make sure it doesn’t sound too practiced. An example of weaknesses can be impatience, which can mean that you want to get the job done. ” After pointing out your weakness talk about what steps you are trying to do to overcome it.
When asked “What salary are you looking for?,” you don’t want to look greedy but you also want to undervalue yourself. So don’t answer, says Savvy Sugar. Try and wait until you have been made an offer. “Tell the interviewers that you want to hold off on salary talk until the both of you know that you’re right for the job,” reports the website.
Another potentially sticky question is “Why do you want to leave?” or Why did you leave your current job?”  Again be truthful but don’t dish the dirt; stick to the facts. If you were cut because of downsizing, say so.
“If you are leaving because of a negative situation, be sure not to badmouth your old company or boss. It just reflects badly on you if you do. You can focus on the fact that you’re looking for growth and that you feel this company feels like the step in the right direction,” writes Savvy Sugar.
Lastly if asked “Do you have any questions for me?” don’t immediately jump to salary and benefits. “Focus more on what you can do for the company and not what the company can do for you,” says Sugar Savvy.

What are some of the interview questions you find it difficult to answer?

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