Is CBS Using Racism To Gain Big Ratings On “Big Brother”?

July 17, 2013  |  

It appears that CBS, the station know for old blue-hair classics like Murder She Wrote and Jake and the Fatman, is now aiming for a new demographic: “creepy a** cr**kers.”

If you are a fan of the reality show Big Brother, you already know what I’m talking about. So you might want to skip to the last paragraph of this post or something. However, if you are not a fan of the show, or have never even seen a single episode, you may want to stick around and learn how one of the nation’s biggest broadcasting networks has been offering a platform for homophobia, racism, and racial intimidation.

Don’t bother tuning in for the show, which airs on any of the broadcasting television network affiliates. The bulk of the bigotry and homophobia is not happening on our television screens – although Big Brother did briefly (and rather flatly, I found) touch on the racial tension in the house – but rather, on its 24-hour live feed, which can be accessed by fans at any time online. Die-hard fans of the show, as well as professional watchers who tune in to get inside scoops before a highly-edited and sanitized highlight show goes to air, have logged some rather frequent derogatory comments used against the minority housemates of the show by other housemates. In this clip video, compiled by the website TV GrapeVine, you can witness the vile bigotry of racist notable Aaryn Gries, who most stereotypically is a blonde hair and blue-eyed Texan. As seen in the video, little Aaryn Nation regularly makes racial remarks about Helen Kim, the Asian-American mother and political strategist from Chicago. In one clip, she is making a rice joke; in another clip we see Gries joke about there being “no happy ending for you,” using a stereotypical Asian broken-English voice, to describe what she imagined the show’s campy nomination ceremony would be like if it was helmed by Kim.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed devil lady is seen in the video being co-signed often by house-BFF and fellow klansman racist GinaMarie Zimmerman, a not-so natural blonde pageant coordinator from Staten Island, New York who not only laughed hysterically at herno happy ending for you” comment (as well as a few other housemates), but added her own white power salute with “Well can I at least get my nails done first?” In a later clip, you see Prussian Blue share a chuckle together over Zimmerman’s comment about how Helen, “should be kissing our asses and serving us some f**king rice.” While these two own their own little racist tyranny in the house, they are not the only ones dishing out the bigotry. David Girton, who was voted out the first week on the show, believes “black Candice,” Stewart, who is actually a black/white biracial woman also from Texas, made his bed sheets dirty; Kaitlin Barnaby shared a touching moment with fellow castmate and showmance Jeremy McGuire about how Asian Helen has it in the bag because she is all Asian and they are good with numbers; Andy Herren, the red-haired token gay guy in the house calls Helen, “Kim Jong Helen.” Most ironically, when Andy is not co-signing the bigotry, he is the subject of it, particularly from fellow castmates Spencer Clawson, who called him “Kermit the F*g” and Gries, who made references behind his back to his unfair advantage in the game because “everybody loves the queers.

And outside of Kim, the house seems to have a particular hard-on for hating black folks. Zimmerman has no qualms about sharing with her fellow housemates how she receives “N-Word benefits (aka welfare) from Staten Island. And then there is Stewart, who Gries warned a couple of the others to watch what “they say in the dark because you might not be able to see that b***h.” Thus far, most of the comments made have been far from earshot of their intended target. However, that all changed on Sunday when in one incident, Gries, upset over the house eviction for the week, decided to provoke Stewart into a fight by flipping over her bed and tossing her clothing around the room. When Stewart confronted her, Gries proceeded to mock her with, “What you gon’ do, girl?” and “Where’s yo class, girl?” in an over-the-top stereotypical black voice. Feeling extra ballsy herself, Zimmerman decided to back up her BFF and jump in Stewart’s face, desperately trying to instigate her to throw a punch with,When is the black gonna come out?” Howard Overby, the only other black person in the house, had to physically carry Candice out of the room and away from the two snarling, racial epithet hurling women. In the scene, you see Candice crying in the food storage closet and Howard trying to console her by telling her that she must remain calm, if not for her sake, for his own, as he too confesses that he has grown weary of the racial harassment in the house and was in danger of snapping.

Seriously, I just spent three long paragraphs describing the rampant bigotry in the Big Brother house, and the sad part is that none of what I wrote is even the tip of the racist iceberg. I really don’t have the column space to list it all, but trust when I say that is a regular occurrence. Clearly, there is a culture of racism in that house and clearly they are all comfortable in it (with possibly the exception of the recipients). And by the fact that it continues to go on – unchecked by the producers on the show – I’m starting to wonder if CBS is comfortable with it too.

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