Jay-Z Talks Just Wanting To Walk Around With Blue Ivy And Get Ice Cream Like Normal People

July 17, 2013  |  

We talk an awful lot about Jay-Z and Beyonce, mostly from a standpoint of admiration — at least for the life of luxury they lead — but have you ever thought about what it must really be like to be them? Every move you make is scrutinized, paparazzi are constantly following you to catch a million dollar candid shot, and you rarely ever have a chance to be alone with just the two of you — and at least one or two security guards.

Jay-Z just opened up a bit about what it’s really like to be Mr. and Mrs. Carter in a recent interview with the BBC’s Zane Lowe, and though he certainly wasn’t complaining about the lack of privacy they have to endure, he did speak candidly on the burden of fame and how he and his wife navigate those waters.

“It’s amazing the way that they look to you…they look to you like this mystical character — this inspiration and hope, and in that case it’s great,” Jay Z said. “But then there’s days when you just want to be normal. You want to be human, you know, go to the store and just walk outside with your child and get some ice cream.

“We (him and Beyonce) pretty much move every day like normal, but there’s another level to it and some days you’re just not in the mood. You’re just not in the mood to be 100 cameras in your face. And then there’s like a line of respect that you wish, just honor or some kind of integrity that you wish — I get it, I’m on the field. I got my jersey on, I’m on the field, I know I’m fair game. That’s fine –but…right now?  If it was just that…but then it would be too perfect.”

And as Zane pointed out, no one wants to hear a man of his means, not to mention the money his wife has, talk about his perfect like for an entire LP — or the “problems” (like the one above) that he has that no one can relate to. The good thing is Jay-z knows that too. He told Zane about some of the tracks on his latest album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail” and his view of fame and the havoc it can wreak on celebrities. Speaking specifically on his song, “Holy Grail” with Justin Timberlake which samples Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and names celebs who’ve succumbed to the allure of fame, Jay-Z said:

“I’m really just thinking out loud. I’m trying to avoid it. I’ve seen it happen before. I’ve seen all the pitfalls and I’m playing this dance with this fame. It’s like playing with a drug. It’s very deadly. If it gets you it’s going to pull you in and it takes you somewhere dark and some people never come back from it.

“I’m talking about these moments, these things that can happen…but in the second verse I’m like OK, let me make sure I’m not going too far with the complaints. Life is good. I’m doing okay.

So far, only two installments of the four-part series with Zane have been released. Rumor has it in an upcoming segment, Jay-Z will speak on the possibility of going on the road wiith Bey for a Mr. and Mrs. Carter tour — trust, we’ll keep you in the loop. But for now, check out part two of Jay’s interview as he talks about his relationship with the media and his creative processes.

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