Sisters Unite For The ZMJ Denim Line For Curvy Girls

July 17, 2013  |  


MN: You debuted your Fall 2013 collection at the New York Full Figured Fashion Week on June 21st, the first all-denim line to be featured. Tell us about the fashion event and the reception ZMJ Denim received.

TJW: It went great! People… still cannot find a pair that fits them well. [W]e had twelve models, and in order to showcase the jeans, they have to fit tight. You can’t hide someone’s shape. Gwen DeVoe, creator and executive producer of Full Figured Fashion Week, came to me after and said, “Wow! You guys were great!,” which was really great to hear. Getting back, we are just following up with the interest now from Full Figured Fashion Week.

MN: What’s coming up next for ZMJ Denim?

ZJ: ZMJ Denim is based out of the London Carter Showroom at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles. We are having a stylist and blogger event that we are pretty excited about.

MN: ZMJ Denim was on The View discussing your newest collection, the MAJ jean, collaborating with Alex Martin-Dean.

TJW: Alex Martin-Dean and I have known each other for a long time, and she was excited to hear that we started a denim line. She wanted to wear our jeans, and they didn’t fit her body. I came up with the idea for Alex to jump on board and create a signature denim piece that she could be involved in and that would fit her. Alex is about 5’8″ tall and her legs are smaller in size. Just because you’re full, doesn’t mean you’re full throughout, so we had to tailor to her long inseam, especially with skinny jeans. We have the black MAJ style now, but we’re developing more for the fall.

MN: How are you successfully combining a business relationship with your longtime friendship together and making it work?

TWJ: It was very easy to collaborate. Alex is a super-easy laid back person to get along with. We speak the same language. We researched fabrics that had great stretch and that felt good to the touch and Zakiya got on the computer to create our graphics. It was really easy.

MN: That’s great, because sometimes, going into business with a friend can strain the friendship.

ZJ: Yes, because if we [as sisters] can work together, we can pretty much work with anybody at this point.  It’s a challenge, but it’s always fun to work with family, and you honestly find out so much more about them. Even though we’re sisters and we’ve known each other our whole lives, when you’re in business, there’s a totally different side that you see. It’s been a challenge, but I always say, I wouldn’t trade my sister in for any other business partner.

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