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Today, Jurors were pretty close to hearing evidence stating that Trayvon Martin was under the influence of marijuana on the night George Zimmerman shot him. The evidence points towards a belief by defense that Trayvon may have been hostile the night he died because of the drugs in his system. Sounds like a reach, especially because of the amount reportedly in his system, but The Root reports:

“Attorneys for Zimmerman, who is on trial for second-degree murder, are expected to call an expert to testify that the marijuana could have made the 17-year-old more aggressive. Their argument draws on Trayvon’s toxicology report, which indicates that a small amount of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, was in his system. The medical examiner who wrote the report has testified the drug may have impaired Trayvon or affected his behavior that night.The introduction of the toxicology report, based on the judge’s decision on Monday, delivers a significant victory for the defense’s efforts to establish that Trayvon attacked the 28-year-old Zimmerman, forcing the neighborhood-watch volunteer to shoot Trayvon in self-defense. When Zimmerman first spotted Trayvon and reported him to as “suspicious” to a police dispatcher, he said Trayvon appeared if he might be “on drugs or something.”

The prosecution objected to allowing the toxicology report, accusing the defense of trying to “backdoor” evidence of Trayvon’s alleged bad character into the trial. The judge said withholding the report from the jury would be an “error” because it contains facts about Trayvon’s condition during the altercation. The prosecution will be permitted to call its own expert to contradict the defense’s witness.”

There have been questions regarding whether or not George Zimmerman had drugs in his system as well. The police did not perform any drug tests on him after the shooting. It should be noted, Zimmerman was prescribed Adderall and Temazepam before the shooting. Adderall is used for attention deficit disorder and Temazepam is for anxiety and insomnia. Both medications have side effects of mood swings and agitation. Although this information is known, the prosecution did not introduce it to the jury.

While it wasn’t brought up today, since drugs could be introduced into the case, this may be another ploy to create a negative image of Trayvon Martin as an aggressive black male who was involved in drug-related activity. Zimmerman has a lot of leverage with how his image is viewed by jurors through his family and friends testifying on his behalf. Do you think it’s right or wrong for Trayvon’s toxicology report to possibly be used in the trial?
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