Burning Clothes, Pawning Rings & Lettuce: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 12

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Man! Last night was a hot mess. From the fallout between Erica’s mom, Momma Dee and Erica to Rasheeda getting her Angela Bassett on and attempting, unsuccessfully, to burn Kirk’s clothes in the front lawn, there was a lot going on. So let’s dive in.


In the opening scenes of episode 12, we see not one but two women straddling Kirk, in various states of undress, on some bed in the lake house. When he finally gets up and has a talk with Benzino, he still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. He essentially rationalizes his actions by giving the most infantile excuse ever “It is what it is.” I don’t know if it’s just me but those words make me cringe. It’s not what it is- it’s what you chose to make it fool. But I digress… Benzino fluctuates between congratulating him for his actions last night: “It wasn’t turnt up Kirk. You broke the knob.” to reprimanding him for stepping out on his wife: “Sometimes one night’s not worth a lifetime of a great relationship.” The only thing I got from the conversation was that Kirk was glad he did what he did but still might try to work on his floundering marriage to a very pregnant wife and mother of his child.

Ariane wants to sing

Is it really a surprise that Ariane wants to sing?! After all, who really knew what Ariane did anyway. I find it funny that K. Michelle has done interviews talking about how people get on reality tv shows and then suddenly decide they want to sing and her “bestie” turns out to be one of those people.

But, as any good friend would, K. Michelle decides to give Ariane a chance but warns her that she’s not going to show any favoritism. Ariane feigns insult.

Stevie asks for lettuce…

…as in head of lettuce. Mimi boo, you should have known, without a shadow of a doubt, that that car, if he really did indeed purchase it, was not going to come free. Come on. But I will say, I’m happy she didn’t cave on that one. Gave him the keys back right then and there and called a cab. The fact that homegirl didn’t have anything to retrieve from her car lets me further know that she knew, for whatever reason, that she wasn’t going to have it for that long.

Momma Dee and Erica 

I guess since Erica showed up for Scrappy’s sentencing, Momma Dee is cool with her again. (As long as anyone is enabling her son’s irresponsible behavior she’s down for it.) They meet up so they can discuss finances. But as usual with these two, the meeting doesn’t last too long. When Momma Dee offers to step in during Scrappy’s absence, Erica shuts that down with a quickness: “I’ll be damed if I take money from Momma Dee!”  I didn’t quite get that. Why not?! At the end of the day she is your child’s grandmother and the father of your child doesn’t have a pot to piss in so…

The Audition

Umm…was Ariane hung over?! What was the real issue there? Whatever the problem, she wasn’t up for it…like at all. I’m really wondering why she still came and embarrassed herself. Even though she was off, I would be interested to hear her again. There seemed to be some moments where it seemed like there was something there. After that, you would think she would just step off the stage but one of K. Michelle’s team members had something else in mind. Whether he was trying to get more camera time or wanted to send a message not to let friends audition, he took the opportunity to clown Ariane. It was unnecessary. Luckily, K. Michelle took up for her without cussing anybody out or throwing anything in the process. Growth.

Pawning the Ring

Why does Erica insist on taking Momma Dee everywhere she goes? The two obviously don’t get along and yet they seemed to be thick as thieves in this episode. Now, I always thought it was customary that if the engagement doesn’t work out that you would give the ring back to the man who gave it to you. But apparently, Erica needs this money. So to the jeweler she goes. I’m not judging. Initially, she thinks she’s going to sell it and get $10k. But then she learns that she can sell it back on consignment and still come back if things work out between she and Scrappy and get $15k. Needless to say, she’s all for it.

The Apartment

Joseline is really serious about this engagement, commitment, marriage thing with Stevie. So much so that she takes him to view an apartment so they can move in together. Wonder if she knew he just asked his baby mama for some head? Probably not. Either way, as she’s skipping through the place, imagining their new life together, Stevie tells her “Don’t push me.” Again, she tells him she’s not going to wait until she has grey hairs on her puss before she gets a commitment. And even though Stevie, Joseline and everyone else watching knows that he’s lying, Stevie tells her that he wants a commitment too all the while looking up to God for strength and hopefully asking for forgiveness for lying to yet another woman.

The sideline in public

Kirk is truly the messiest of all. Not only can we assume he slept with this woman, he had the nerve to bring her out in public, as if he was free to date. The nerve! Traci steps off the podium to greet her guests and ends up in a conversation with the Cabin Crew where the phrase “turnt up” is used about 100 times. Playing her role as this season’s instigator, Traci shamelessly asks Kirk about Rasheeda’s baby shower.  He shrugs it off. And then has the nerve to tell her Rasheeda gave him a pass. And the simple chick next to him raises her hand and says, without a hint of shame, “I took it.” 

Scrappy’s out

Momma Dee throws an little party to celebrate the fact that Scrappy’s out of jail for the time being. Erica figures now is the perfect time to tell him she pawned the engagement ring. Surprisingly, Scrappy, who’s never really stopped cheating on Erica, has the nerve to be offended, calling her ungrateful. Laughable. Somehow Momma Dee overhears the conversation and she starts popping off. This time Erica’s mom, who is wearing an awful yellow crop top and printed leggings, jumps up hollering “She ain’t talkin’ bout nan.” (The fact that she sounded just like Trick Daddy had me weak.) Momma Dee gets louder and louder. Erica’s mom steps up, Scrappy restrains her, Erica lunges after him. He pushes her off of him, she goes sliding across the floor and she threatens to call the cops as Momma Dee can be heard cursing in the background.

The confrontation 

Aaahh… the age old question. When you see your friend’s man with someone else, do you tell her about it? Well, Traci said yes and ran right over to Rasheeda’s house to let her know about the recent interaction she’d had with Kirk and Mary Jane. This conversation broke my heart. Rasheeda who’s been putting up a front for months finally shed some tears hearing that her husband was out here living the single life with a random. She said “If it was Halle Berry, a b!+ch could take it but you out here with a rat b!+ch?!” Shortly after Traci tells her, Kirk walks in…humming what sounds like the Jaws theme.

I really don’t even know why Kirk showed up because dude didn’t have an ounce of remorse or even empathy for Rasheeda. He didn’t apologize. He didn’t say he wanted to reconcile. I’m sure if she had given him a few more minutes to speak, he would have said “It is what it is.” What he did do was continue to disrespect her, locking her out of the house as he ran from her to his car.

I don’t know what Rasheeda is going to do; but if I were in her position and being that I’m really the breadwinner of this house, I would be done with Kirk’s loser self. Not so much for the infidelity but for the fact that he seems hellbent on embarrassing her on national television. Dis-gust-ting.

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