Love Is Complicated: Why Is It Hard To Understand Why Shayanna Jenkins Would Stick By Her Murderous Man?

July 8, 2013  |  

Can you put conditions on true love?

Of course that is a trick question. While it is true that folks put conditions on love every day, it is also true that for the right person, we might be willing to bend or cast aside our conditions for what we deem as true love – even if it is short-sighted and temporary. And all of this to say that maybe Shayanna Jenkins, the fiancée of Aaron Hernandez (the former New England Patriot accused of …well, doing a whole host of violent  s**t) isn’t crazy. Maybe she just really loves her fiancée unconditionally?

According to Bossip, who got their information from Radar Online, who got their information from The Daily Beast…

“Charged with murder and under investigation for a separate double homicide, Aaron Hernandez is behind bars in Mass., and damning evidence is reportedly mounting against him. But one person — his fiancée and baby mama, Shayanna Jenkins, isn’t talking to cops and concerns have been voiced that they’ll attempt to make that arrangement permanent.

Jenkins, who has a eight-month-old daughter with the former New England Patriots star, was initially talking to cops.”

Full disclosure: prior to the reading I did over the weekend, I had no idea who Aaron Hernandez was and what kind of sport he played. However, after getting myself caught up, I have come to realize that either this dude is a real life football playing version of Dexter or he is a real life, football playing version of Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events. Sorry for all the movie and television references, but it is just too surreal how a person has this much time on their hands to play football and be a murdering psychopath – allegedly.

If you were like me and had been pretty lax on the case, here’s a quick summary:

Hernandez, who as of last month played for the New England Patriots, has been charged in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro player, who is also Shayanna Jenkins’ sister’s boyfriend (paging Dr. Maury). Lloyd’s body was discovered in June in an industrial park, not too far away from Hernandez’s New England home. According to published reports, he was shot multiple times and bullet casings found by the body match those belonging to a gun owned by Hernandez. Also, published reports are saying that there is even video footage of Hernandez, along with two alleged accomplices, picking up Lloyd the morning of his death, driving into the industrial park where his body was later found, and walking back into his mansion with what appeared to be a .45 caliber Glock. But here is where the story gets even crazier: In addition to Lloyd’s murder, Hernandez is also being looked at in connection to three more shootings, including the drive-by shooting death of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu, who were gunned down in Boston last year as they sat at a traffic light. And late last month, reports began to surface of a lawsuit by former friend Alexander Bradley, who alleged that Hernandez shot his eye out after an altercation at a strip club. Sounds like quite a catch right? Well maybe he is – sort of.

According to various reports, Jenkins and Hernandez were high school sweethearts whose relationship continued all the way through college. The two got engaged shortly after the birth of their daughter in November of last year and despite his pending trial on charges of murder (thus far), the two plan on getting married. There is certainly a long history between the two, one I imagine required lots of trench digging and climbing out of. And I imagine that there must be lots of love, respect and support between the two, or else, why would she stick around (especially now since the NFL is taking back all their money)?

Now I’m not saying that I’m hoping for an invite to the wedding, but at the same time, I’m not sure why folks act like it’s hard to imagine why Jenkins is standing by her man. I honestly believe that most women (and men) would – at least for the short term. Heck, a great number of folks probably would be around for the long haul too. And that’s the thing about love: It ain’t always tit-for-tat, nor does it always make sense. I would like to  think that if the man who I loved and planned on making a life with was suddenly found out to be a cold-blooded murderer, I would leave. But in all honesty, in the past I’ve stayed around with men who offered me little for less, and I know that I am not alone in this infliction. There are also some men sitting in prison right now who were straight up and down menaces to society, yet maintained loving relationships with the opposite sex and their children. Even Dexter (from the television show of the same name) loved his wife, their son, and his step-children despite being a serial killer. Then again, being with Dexter was a major reason why his beloved wife ended up being hacked to death, so…

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