Old Flames & The Convention of Lames: Memorable Moments From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 11

July 2, 2013  |  
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Last night’s episode was a doozy! Everybody had an interesting story line. So you know there is much to discuss. Buckle up and let’s do this [like Brutus.]

The Fake Friendship

It’s oh so clear that Shay and Traci were never friends in real life. Actually, I’m willing to bet that they met just a few months ago when Traci joined the cast. Because that lil fake argument/disbanding of friendship they had was too contrived. Traci goes to speak to Shay about the way she confronted Erica in the last episode at Karlie Redd’s event. Shay gives some insincere apology which Traci rightly doesn’t accept, knowing that if she were in that situation tomorrow she’d do the same thing. Of course she would. Even though, we all know it’s true Shay pops off. And the two ultimately decide they’re going to take a break from one another and decide whether they want to continue their “friendship” or not. Womp.


K Michelle Apologizes…Again

Speaking of apologies. Mimi and K. Michelle sat down to discuss the flower hitting incident once again. Because when K. Michelle tried to speak about it at Ariane’s grandfather’s funeral, Mimi was too emotionally drained to have a conversation. (Sidenote: Does anyone else find it strange that Ariane would appear on camera during this time of personal tragedy?! Weird.) Anyway, K. Michelle apologizes again and explains that she really is sensitive about not having a man and her broken hot pocket. Then Mimi tells her she had to put Nikko “on ice.” That made me laugh. She knows good and a well she’ll never going back to retrieve that lame dude again. He can stay right in the freezer.
Anyway the two ladies work it out. Even though we all know it’s just a matter of time before K. Michelle pops off again.

Joseline Wants to Make It Official

Later Joseline arranges a sit down with K. Michelle to discuss her relationship with Stevie. Babygirl wants to make it official. And not only does she want to be in a committed relationship, she wants a ring. Whoop! She goes to K. Michelle for advice because she’s been through so much in the industry. K. Michelle tells her love is the most beautiful thing but don’t put your dreams on the back burner chasing after some man. That’s something we should all receive. As I watched that scene come to a close though, I wondered if Joseline really internalized what K. said. We all know the type of hold Stevie has on her.


When I tell you I was so proud of Traci last night!! I wanted to high five my screen. At one of the events both she and Drew DJ together, she brought her new man so she could introduce the two of them. Surprisingly, Drew with his many heauxes, was jealous. This fool even had the audacity to tell her that if he wanted to he could “scoop” her. Can you believe? While Traci did engage with him a little too long, she ultimately handled the situation well by telling him to take his sorry self on somewhere.

But things got really juicy when this fool had her meet him for lunch to tell her that seeing her with that man made him realize that she was the girl for him. He even pulled out the “I know you want us to be a family” card. She kept shutting him down, with a smile on her face. Honestly, she didn’t look too convincing. I thought she was going to buckle. But when he stood up, grabbed her face and tried to kiss her, she shut him all the way down, saying “Eeww” and pushing his face away from her’s. Way to go Traci!

Daddy Daughter Realness

The Love and Hip Hop franchise loves to show Daddies telling their children they’re going away to jail. First BIg and Little Mendeecees (which broke my heart!) and now Scrappy and Emani. The only difference is that this is not Emani’s first go-’round. Scrappy said that he’s had to have this conversation with her three times and now she’s old enough to understand. The saddest part of this scene was hearing Scrappy tell her that she couldn’t come visit him because he didn’t want her to see him in there. He’s gotta do better.

Scrappy Goes to Jail

Last night was the first time I ever felt sorry for Mama Dee. Watching her take her son to jail and asking the officers why they had to put him in handcuffs was heartbreaking even for an annoying, meddlesome woman like her. On another note, did anyone find it interesting that Erica came to watch him turn himself in and be processed? How odd… If someone else gets it, please explain.

The Side B!+ch

I’m not gon’ front whichever one of Joseline’s songs Stevie was playing in the studio when she walked in, sounded good. But that’s beside the point. Having come to the conclusion that she and Stevie need to be progressing in their relationship she told him that she doesn’t want to be the “side b!+ch” anymore. In fact, she doesn’t even want to be perceived as the side chick. She remixed Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and told the confessional camera that it was time for Stevie to “put a ring on that A$$.” So classy. Then she flat out asked him. “Don’t you think we need to be engaged or something?!” Well… The way Stevie’s eyes started darting around the room, you would’ve thought he was a Kit Cat Clock. He told her that she’d have to give him some time.  Joseline responded with sly shade, saying she couldn’t wait 15 years. Looking at you Mimi.

The Convention of Lames

What do you have when a has been rapper, the manager of an underground rapper and a short statured R&B singer get together in a log cabin? A convention of lames. As I was watching Kirk and Benzino ride up into the mountains, listening to this fool talk about how he doesn’t want to be a father to his children anymore- my stomach turned. Kirk is the wackest of wack. It’s one thing if you’re having problems in your marriage but saying you’re tired of being a father to children who didn’t ask to come into this world is some ish I cannot tolerate. The man is so low down.


You know Kirk is a lame because he can’t even see that these chicks, thirsty to get an identifier on a reality show, would probably want nothing to do with him in any other context. What can Kirk do for anybody when he can’t seem to make his own wife’s career pop?! Anyway enough ranting. The most disgusting scene of the night came when Kirk and Benzino were soaking in the hot tub with the randoms. Of all the things to talk about these two start discussing what it really means to be in love. The randoms have a take on this and then Benzino says some pretty poignant things when he tells Kirk he doesn’t have to cheat. But at this point, it’s already too late. With one of the randoms kissing his ear rubbing his head and another shaking her leg and booty meat, it was pretty much a done deal. In the final scene we see him walk in the bedroom with both girls. Could Kirk be trying to dispel the gay rumors? Is embarrassing his wife on national television his way of asking his wife for a divorce? Or is this just what lames do in the limelight? I’m sure it’s a combination of all three.

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