No Man, No Problem: 15 People You Can Bring As A Date To Any Wedding

July 12, 2013  |  
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That pretty little wedding invitation is supposed to bring joy, but instead it brings you panic when you see that “plus one” line and the one next to it, where you have no idea what to write. Here are 15 people you can bring to a wedding, when you’re not in a relationship.

Your sister

Face it: men love sisters. They love watching you tease each other. They know they can easily get you two to open up just by asking leading questions like, “So. Who’s the good girl in the family?” and “Are you two really different or similar?”

Your married girlfriend

Now you’re the only available one of your duo: no competition. Plus, lugging around a married friend reminds men that everybody is getting married off and they better get on that! They’ll be more anxious for dates.

Your married male friend

He’s a guy, so he’ll easily draw in other guys to chat with. From there, you can swoop in. But also, as a married man, he knows marriage material when he sees it. He’ll help you weed out the good from the bad instantly.

Your gay BFF

Who doesn’t love to be around the flamboyant BFF? He’ll draw the straight guys in with innocent but flirtatious comments, and then once they turn their heads, they see you. Bingo.

An old college girlfriend

Oh the stories. Men might like two college girlfriends as much as they like two sisters. They know this duo comes with some wild stories.

A hobby buddy

But it better be an impressive hobby. Think about it: what’s one of the first things people ask a pair of individuals? “How do you two know each other?” And if you can say, “From our sky diving group” you’ll have them hooked.

Your best friend’s brother

Just by frequent proximity, he probably knows you pretty well. He’ll quickly determine if a guy is your type or not. And, like your married male friend, he’ll have decent jerk radar.

Your co-worker

That’ll keep you from getting too drunk! You naturally want to make a great impression on your co-worker so you’ll be on your best behavior all night, and probably making some intelligent conversation to boot.

An older, successful man

Think your boss or even your dad. Younger men love to suck up all the information they can from older, established men. And if you happen to have that man on your shoulder, that’s your ticket to talking to all the young, ambitious bachelors in the room.


The guy you just gave the boot

Is there any guy who, after a couple of dates, you recently told you “just want to be friends”? But you really mean it! If he was game for the being friends thing, bringing him to a wedding where he can meet tons of single women is a great consolation prize.

Your brother

Okay, he might have a pretty strict filter, but you can bet he isn’t letting any frivolous, philandering, distrustful men near you. And, he’s family: there is no way people will misinterpret that relationship.


Your claim to fame

Anyone you know who is famous or renowned in some way. Hey, if they’re really a close friend or family member, they’ll be happy to help you out by answering to tons of questions and attention for the night, so you can meet some guys.


Your grandpa

Men just can’t resist a woman who hangs with her grandpa. It’s sweet of you, it says, “I’m not here to meet men,” but in an attractive way, and it shows you are family oriented.

An Internet date

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to move things from cyber space to the real world, this is the perfect opportunity to finally get passed the emailing phase! “Hey, I have a wedding I really don’t want to go to…want to make it all better and be my date?”


Just fly solo! There will be no mistaking you for a taken woman if you’re by yourself. Plus, you don’t need to baby sit any plus one. You can buzz around to any group/guy that looks interesting.

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