A Woman Scorned: Trayvon’s “Stepmother” Says Zimmerman Didn’t Target Him Because He Was Black

July 1, 2013  |  

Alicia Stanley, who claims that she was “nothing more” than a mother to Trayvon Martin, recently sat down to speak with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and made some interesting comments.

Stanley who had been with Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, for 14 years said that she’d known Trayvon since he was three years old and had raised him with her own daughters. Interestingly enough, the complex where Trayvon was shot was not Stanley’s residence. Instead, Tracy was living there with another woman at the time. This was all news to me.

Initially, she spoke to Cooper saying that she wants people to know that Trayvon is not what the media making him out to be, that he loved children and if his life hadn’t been taken she could see him growing up to work with children. Then she transitioned into talking about the falling out she had with Tracy.

“At the beginning, we had our differences and stuff like that and it came to a point when me and Tracy were communicating. When the media started coming around, it was like  he didn’t want to talk to me anymore. I asked him why and ‘what did I do wrong?’ He said you’ve done nothing wrong, I’m just busy. I would tell him well, keep me informed of what’s going on with the trial. And somehow he just didn’t anymore. He hasn’t told me why he stopped communicating with me. Everything that I was finding out, I was finding out through the television or through friends.” 

Then Anderson started asking her questions about the case itself and Stanley spoke about the altercation between Zimmerman and Trayvon and who was really defending himself.

“I have no doubt that he didn’t start that fight. It was a fight. Zimmerman had to put his hands on him to cause that fight. He [Trayvon] was defending himself. So, for people to say, ‘He tried to kill him’– I don’t think anyone would have been standing somewhere in the dark, being approached by someone you don’t know and being pushed around and you’re not going to defend yourself.”

Yes, we’d all agree that that’s the case. But Stanley’s interview went a bit left when she said that she didn’t believe Zimmerman targeted Trayvon based on race.

“No I really don’t think it was Zimmerman don’t like black people or he picked him out because he was black. Did he profile him with the hoodie? As ‘oh this thug or whatever walking’ was in Zimmerman’s mind. Yes. But  to say that he targeted him because he was black? No I don’t think so.” 

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