Are You Abusing Your Bragging Rights?

June 26, 2013  |  


There are certain things that you have freewill over, but such things should be treated as precious.  There’s a thin line of appreciating something and abusing it.  I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to teach a principle then you should make yourself the example.  So here I am, to share my story, in hopes that you learn from my poor mistakes.

Sometimes, there’s no better feeling than not only being the best at something, but letting others know (that you know) how good you are.  Things like that should always be done in good humor.  The problem for me was that I wasn’t really good at anything physical that you would typically brag or talk trash about.  So, the opportunities to flex those trash-talking muscles were few and far in between.  But when I did get that opportunity, I would exploit it, because, who knew when I’d get a chance to do it again?

There was just something about it that made me feel, probably the same way that Miguel did before he did that jump.  “I’m on fire, and nothing bad can happen now!  Let me leap into destiny!”

In my life I was always expected to be so meek and humble, but when I got outside of my parents’ walls, beat someone at something, you couldn’t tell me nothing!

It wasn’t until I roasted one of my uncles-in-law that I had a little glimmer that maybe it had gotten out of hand.  After beating him in some movie trivia and then proceeding to talk about all the things that were wrong with him,  he politely got up, left, maybe feeling a little bad that he just got chopped down to size by a 10 year-old. But then again, I should have known my place with elders.

When I went to college, the atmosphere of my co-ed dorm brought it back out of me.  My all girls floor would engage in prank wars with different floors.  The thing about the girls on my floor is that we were all trash talkers and braggers.  The difference between each of us is that they knew when to stop. I didn’t.

While visiting one of my guy friends on his floor.  A friend of mine accompanied me to engage in some harmless flirting.  But apparently the line between flirting and trash talking is very thin, because before I knew it I was in a bragging match with a few guys on the floor.  I didn’t catch on when one of the guys, like my uncle, excused himself.  But I realized something was amiss when I was lifted in the air and then next time my feet touched a solid surface was when they landed in the bottom of a (clean) trash can (new liner and everything, however, it was very symbolic).  The gentleman who left grabbed a trash can to put me in.  Explaining that:  “When you talk too much trash, this is where you end up.”  The guys then proceeded to drag me up and down the hallway, setting an example for others to “think before you trash,” whatever that means.

I learned, as they helped me out that while you might feel or even know that you’re the best at something, being humble goes a very long way as well.  With everything in life, moderation is the key.  Yes you have the right to eat, drink, and brag as much as you want, but imbibing too much into these things can sometimes lead to a negative downfall.

Yes, you may be the best at something, but rubbing it in everyone’s face in a two mile radius might not be the best thing to do.  Don’t dull your shine, but also don’t be surprised that if you overuse your bragging rights you could be left alone, or in my case dropped in a trash can.  So please, use discretion.

Kendra Koger started from the bottom of the trash can, but now she’s on twitter @kkoger.

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