MN, M.D.: What’s The Best Way For Women To Deal With Summer Perspiration?

June 24, 2013  |  

Q: How can women deal with summer perspiration between thighs, vaginally, and underneath their breasts?

Everyone hates to sweat!  It can cause noticeable embarrassment, especially when people see it and remark about it!   However, the body would not be producing sweat if it was not for your benefit.  There are about 2-4 million sweat glands throughout the body.  The sweat glands are mostly found around your feet, palm, forehead, cheeks, and armpits.   The purpose of sweat is to cool the body and prevent it from overheating.  But, as you know, sometimes sweat smells.  Why?  Well, the odor comes from the sweat fluid interacting with the bacteria on your skin!

Okay, so you are going to get hot and sweat at least once this summer.  The following are some tips on how to manage it.

  • Wear cotton clothing (even your underwear).  It allows your skin to “breathe,” which would reduce the sweating that occurs.  It also can absorb sweat.   There is also clothing that is made with synthetic materials that have been designed to push away sweat from the body so that it gets evaporated.
  • Wear looser clothing.  Again, it is all about letting the body breathe to prevent it for making sweat in the first place.
  • Wear dark colors or distracting color prints.  It’s all about disguising the sweat.  If you are going to sweat, it might as well not be noticeable.
  • For vaginal sweating, try panty liners.  It can help absorb sweat and likely prevent any embarrassing spots on your outer clothing.  Try not to put powders down there as it is a sensitive area and you’ve got to let that area breathe.
  • Change clothes frequently.
  • To prevent body odor:  shower frequently.  Antibacterial soaps may also help with preventing scent.

For those who feel that they sweat more than the average person, there are medical options out there.  These include antiperspirants, botox injections, laser therapy, and even surgery if very severe.  Talk to your doctor about these options and, of course, enjoy your summer!

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