Keep Your Clothes On! Celebrities Who Show Too Much Skin!

June 24, 2013  |  
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If this were a contest for who can show the most skin, these ladies would all be winners…but unfortunately all these women are winning is criticism. Sure their bank accounts might seem a lot fuller, but how much is their self-respect worth? Let’s have a look at some of the industries most scandalous looking women:


Miley Cyrus

In a Big Sean voice…A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$! This song should literally be Miley Cyrus anthem because she just loves showing off those cheeks! Time and time again, she is seen with her butt cheeks hanging out. Sorry Miley, but it’s just not attractive…

Nicki Minaj

Let’s just say that the Lil Kim comparisons didn’t just come from her rapping skills! Nicki Minaj knows how to show off that booty when she wants to, and sometimes shows it off just a little bit too much!

Iggy Azalea

Yes it is a rarity when white girls have a big booty, but just because you do have one, it doesn’t mean you have to constantly show it off. Iggy Azalia seemed to have missed that memo and continues to remind us over and over again how big her hips are.


Just when you thought that Beyonce was in a different class level than other females in the industry, then BAM! She goes and does a revealing photo shoot for GQ! Seriously, how can you be hanging out with first lady Michelle Obama one moment and then stripping off your clothes the next? Very disappointing…


Why does Rihanna seem to think that her fans want to see her unclothed all the time? Especially when the majority of people who like her music are women? Rihanna is a perfect example stereotype of a woman obsessed with male attention

Lady Gaga

It started off as a new ridiculous fashion style, but quickly turned into an excuse to wear very little clothing.  Sorry Gaga, but the gimmick is up! It’s not good style, it’s just trash that belongs in a garbage pile.

Azealia Banks

If the words in her song “212” were any indication of how far she’s willing to push it, then it should be no surprise that her choice of clothing seem to match.



If you thought that Madonna would start covering up as she got older, guess again! This material girl will still be wearing skimpy outfits in her 80s!


Ke$ha is on this list just for her Billboard Music Awards outfit. The girl’s slit was so high, that it looked like her seamstress forgot to finish sewing.  Her make-up seemed like she was turning over a new leaf by going for a more au naturel look, only for her outfit to take the natural look to a new level by making her seem almost unclothed.


I’m pretty sure Coco’s fans have seen her booty at every possible angle you can possibly see a booty, that’s how long Coco has been posting “Thong Thursday” Twic pics for. It’s getting to the point where it’s like come on Coco, after all this time, you still haven’t established some sort of career where you don’t need to do that…

Kelly Rowland

Yes we know it’s hard to escape from Beyoncé’s shadow, but is it still necessary for you to show so much skin at this point. You’ve had number one songs; you’ve been a judge on X Factor UK and now a judge on American X factor.

J. Lo

J. Lo makes the list just because of that A$$-eating outfit she wore during her performance on Britain’s Got Talent. The outfit caused so much outrage that many viewers complained to the TV network about the 43-year-old’s daring outfit.

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