Ways To Say ‘I Do’: Tips For Creating Great Wedding Vows

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Exchanging wedding vows is one of the most sentimental moments between a couple during their wedding nuptials.  Here are a few creative ideas and tips to create the best wedding vows for your mate.

Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t wait until the day of your wedding to write your vows. Although you may be a professional procrastinator when it comes to many things, writing your vows shouldn’t be one of those tasks your procrastination carries over into. You might find yourself with writer’s block or too busy to pick up a pen and paper to write something in time for the ceremony, and before you know it, you are standing at the altar speechless. Give yourself enough time to write down your thoughts so that nothing goes unspoken.

Tell A Story

In your wedding vows, you could throw in a story of how your mate was there for you during a rough time, the first time you met or a time in your life when your companion changed your life. With a personal story about your relationship, your vows will be much more original and give your fiancee something to reminisce on and recall while at the altar.

Will You Be Humorous or Romantic?

Try to decide before you write your wedding vows whether you will be funny or romantic. The tone of you vows will make a difference in the mood and tone of the ceremony for sure, so decide if you want to tell a funny story then finish strong with a romantic gesture, or bring tears to the crowd and your spouse’s eyes with a romantic, sentimental anecdote.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice prevents poor performance they say, and this also applies to your wedding vows. After drafting the perfect words to your mate, practice your speech and how you will recite your vows. This will also give you the time to clock your vows, making sure it’s short or long enough, and reading it out loud gives you an ear of what you may be missing.

Get Personal…But Not Too Personal

A great tip to remember about writing vows (especially if you are not usually the mushy, gushy romantic type) is to make sure your vows are personal, but not extremely personal. Your fiancee might not want to go back to the times when you were single-ready-to-mingle or a story about their past cheating ways before they reformed and came to you. Although that is a part of of your relationship’s story, it doesn’t have to be the center of your vows. Your vows should be heartfelt and sentimental about your love and admiration for the future, not the bitterness of the past.

Think Of It As A Love Letter

While drafting up your vows, think of writing a love letter to your mate. You can start off “Dear…” and continue writing like it is a letter of love, thanks and promise for them to read personally. Once you revise it, get the kinks out and read it out loud on your wedding day in the love letter form, you might get a tear or two from them!

Go Traditional

If you are not as creative as you’d like to be in order to create your own vows or just don’t have enough time, go traditional and recite the original vows set by your pastor or officiate at your wedding. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it short, sweet and simple. Not having to worry about writing, rehearsing and remembering original vows, you have more time to focus on other aspects of the wedding.

Perform Your Vows

If you are the creative type, have a musical talent or a gift for singing, perform original vows to your partner through song, an original poem or an instrument. Another great idea for performing your vows is to get a choir or soloist at your wedding to perform an original piece you wrote for your loved one.

Be Authentic

Don’t feel compelled to recite your vows by heart; be authentic while knowing what you’re going to say. If you need a sheet of paper or index cards, have them available at the aisle (maybe with one of the bridesmaids or with the pastor). If you recite your vows after practicing too hard, you might come off as unauthentic or too nervous. Talk to your future spouse as you would your best friend (or if your spouse is your best friend, even better!). It’s about you and your mate at that moment, so live in it, take a deep breath and feel the words you prepared for them on your special day.

Consult a Professional

If writing your own vows is a task you’re nervous to take on alone, consult a professional, whether it is a wedding planner or someone you know who is a writer. They will look at it from a different, expert opinion and let you know what works and what doesn’t and how to get your message across more effectively, taking your ideas from your head to the page.

Consult Friends or Family

Practice your vows around friends and family and make sure it gets the response you are looking for. With a second pair of eyes or ears, you might find any errors or other content that you want to include. Friends and family will also give an honest reaction to the vows.

Write Your Vows Together

A bonding way to prepare your vows for your upcoming nuptials is to write your vows with your mate. Writing your vows together could be a special experience leading up to the wedding and make for great memories even before you get up to the altar. Another great and original idea for your vows is reciting them together as a unit during the ceremony.

Maintain Eye Contact

While reciting your vows, eye contact is crucial and important. It shows that you are not only serious about getting your vows right, but you are speaking directly to the one you love the most. This is why practice is a great way to prepare saying your vows out loud.

Recite Their Favorite Poem, Song or Quote

A great and easy tip for writing your vows is to refer to your mate’s favorite poem, quote or song. That will show your sentiments for them while showing that you actually remember something that they love as much as they love you.

Wing It

You might have some great vows in your head that you have recited, rehearsed and cleared with your family and friends, but once you get a look at your future spouse, you might be compelled to say what’s really on your heart. Speak how you feel at that moment, take the chance and wing it. It will make the moment more special and less stiff and structured.


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