So They Creep! Celebrity Women Who Got Caught Stepping Out On Their Husbands

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Cheating on your husband is wrong. Doing it while the Paparazzi are following you is just dumb. These women not only cheated on their husbands, they got caught in the act. And when your marriage blows up publicly, there’s almost nowhere to go but divorce court. Check out these cheating women who really messed up when they stepped out on their husbands.

Leann Rimes

Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrean were both married when they met on the set of the Lifetime movie Northern Lights. As the affair went on, Leann got bolder. And when she made out with her lover at an LA restaurant, the paparazzi caught her in the act. Once the footage was leaked, both Leann and Eddie got divorced and married each other. But rumor has it that Eddie has been cheating on Rimes with his ex-wife.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana tried harder than Prince Charles to keep her affair a secret. But you can’t be a member of the royal family and keep anything hid for too long. She was caught having a long, steamy affair with her riding instructor James Hewitt. And since the affair happened around the time that Prince Harry was conceived, people started to wonder if he wasn’t James’ child and not Prince Charles’.

Kim Kardashian

Kim and Kris Humphries may have called it quits right after the wedding, but they were still legally married for quite some time. Kim Kardashian didn’t let that minor technicality stop her from dating the next man and getting pregnant with his baby. Scandalous.


Rapper AP.9 outed Coco when he released a series of pictures that suggested they had a steamy affair. Coco says it didn’t happen. Not everyone is convinced. That includes executives at E! An insider from the network released this statement after the scandal hit the news:

‘Ice Loves Coco’ was aimed at being a family show for the E Channel. This Coco and AP.9 scandal has made the show more suited for VH1.”

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s affair was exposed when the paparazzi caught them sneaking around on a private yacht in 1962. Both Elizabeth and Richard Burton were married at the time and the affair scandalized the nation.

Heidi Klum

Even Project Runway fans felt some sort of way about Heidi when she got caught cheating on Seal with the bodyguard. The scandal ended Heidi’s 7-year marriage. And Seal was ma-ad. He tried to remain a gentleman, but couldn’t resist taking a stab at his cheating wife:

“Look, this is what happens when people move on. …but I would have thought Heidi would have shown a little bit more class and would have at least waited until we separated before deciding to with the help. But I guess you all now have the answer you were looking for for the past seven months.”

Téa Leoni

Actor David Duchovny caught his wife cheating when he got back from rehab. He snooped around in her phone and found a bunch of dirty messages from Billy Bob Thornton. Turns out, Téa was messing around while he was away. In her defense, David cheated first…and second and third. The rehab center he committed himself to specialized in sex addiction.

Tori Spelling

When “Tori & Dean: In Love” first aired, a lot of people were scandalized. Tori and Dean had just recently been caught together. Both of them were married at the time, and they both got divorced. But they went on to marry each other. Cheating may not be the best way to start a new relationship, the two certainly look like they’re in love — at least on TV.


Madonna was really bold about her affair with baseball player Alex Rodriguez. The paparazzi caught her because she was inviting her lover home to her house. Once the news broke, Madonna dumped Guy Ritchie. A Rod’s wife filed for divorce citing “emotional abandonment and marital misconduct”.

Anne Heche

Anne Heche is a hot mess. She got caught cheating with her co-star James Tupper on the set of a film the two were working in. Anne Heche was married to Coley Laffoon at the time. She met that man on the set of Ellen Degeneres’ show and cheated with him while she and Ellen were still dating.

Jessica Simpson

Poor Jessica isn’t known for being very bright. The blonde singer got caught cheating when she took the walk of shame home from L.A.’s Chateau Marmont wearing Adam Levine’s t-shirt. Nick knew what was up long before we did. By the time Jessica and Adam were publicly exposed, Nick had already filed for divorce.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan ruined her image as America’s Sweetheart when the paparazzi caught her cheating on her husband Dennis Quaid with Russel Crowe. She and Russell met on the set of Proof of Life and just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Meg Ryan’s marriage was ruined and her career took a major hit. Several years later, Meg claimed that Dennis cheated first. But the damage was already done.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been caught cheating more than once. While she was married to Marc Anthony, she was hooking up with one of her backup dancers. When she was married to Criss Judd, she got caught cheating with Ben Affleck. Now the rumor mill is dropping hints that Jennifer is hooking up with Marc Anthony behind Casper Smart’s back. Once a cheater, always a cheater?

Laura Govan

We don’t really know whether or not Laura Govan was ever married to Gilbert Arenas. The official word is that they just dated for 12 years but Laura let it slip that the two are actually married. What we do know is that Laura got caught stepping out on Gilbert Arenas with Shaq.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi admitted that she has stepped out on her marriages — five or six times. She made her big confession in 2010 after news of Jesse James’ cheating hit newsstands:

“I did it five or six times… Yes, I screwed around while I was married, yeah. I made mistakes too. It happens sometimes. Maybe he was trying to find something different too. I’m not excusing what I’m doing as, ‘Hey, maybe there’s something else to look at here’ as opposed to just saying, ‘Hey, he’s a bonehead.”

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