You Might Not Wanna Go There…Things You Should Never Say To Your Partner

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Sometimes we all say things we don’t mean; it happens. We’re so focused in the moment that words slip out, and we wish we could take them back. When you’re in a relationship, there are definitely some words, phrases, and questions that you seriously want to avoid saying, or else you better prepare for a world of drama and tension. Here are 14 things that you should avoid saying to your partner at all costs.

I hate you

Hate is a pretty strong word, but in the heat of an argument, the three-word phrase can sometimes slip out. Hate is a word you want to try to erase from your mental dictionary. Put it aside and use  it when the situation is really right. It’s okay to say that you hate spiders or that you hate sitting in traffic, but saying that you hate your partner is just wrong. Use the word cautiously.

My ex was better

Men don’t want to be compared to other men, just like women don’t want to be compared to other women. One of the worst things you can say to your man is that your ex was better than him at something. Even if it’s a simple comment that your ex was better at sports than he is, the comparison between the two is like a knife to the heart, and to the ego. Avoid comparisons, especially to your ex.

You need to go on a diet

When we get into a comfortable relationship, it’s not uncommon for people to gain a few pounds. It happens. You’re happy, you’re comfortable, and keeping your perfect shape takes the back seat. If your man has become a little round around the edges, don’t tell him outright. Maybe cook healthier, lower-calorie dinners. Ask to go on walks together, just for the fun of it. Don’t mention the words diet or more exercise, or you’re destined for trouble.

I don’t like your parents

This especially hurts if your man is close to his parents. No one expects you to become best friends with your partner’s parents, but even if there is some tension there, don’t ever blatantly mention it, unless it’s causing a problem. Instead, try to put your differences and thoughts aside, and get along with them as best as you can.

You need a new job

Men take their jobs very seriously, and even if he doesn’t express it, it’s likely that your man is constantly thinking of ways to better himself through his career and his job. Ragging on a man about his job is definitely like a slap in the face. If you’re unhappy about his job, express it in a much nicer way, or leave it alone.

You never…

The word never has a pretty solid meaning behind it. It’s unlikely that your man never helps out around the house. And it’s unlikely that he never does anything nice for you. Using the word never really means never – not even once. If you want your man to do something more often, such as help with dinner, do it in a nicer way. Say something like “Last time you helped cook it was fun. We should do that more often.”

You can’t afford that

Just like their jobs, men take money very seriously. Men are designed to be providers, and most of them work very hard to take care of the people most important to them. Don’t ever tell a man that he can’t afford something because it’s out of his budget. That a kick to the bank account and to his groin area. Leave money comments alone.

He’s a great guy

When referring to other men in your life, such as coworkers or friends, it’s best to keep adjectives to a minimum, especially if you aren’t one to talk all nicely about your man. A guy that you’re dating doesn’t want to hear about how your male friend is so nice and easy to talk to and good looking. Saying that stuff is just flat out wrong. You can admire your male friends without having to rub it all in your partner’s face.

Anything negative about your bedroom life

Not all men are going to be able to hop into bed with you and blow your mind. It takes time, and plenty of it. Instead of saying that your man is horrible at that or really bad at this, take a more positive approach. Tell him about the things you like, that he’s not exactly an expert at, and do it more often. Practice makes perfect, right?

Do you think she’s pretty?

When you ask a guy about his attraction to another woman, you’re only setting him and yourself up for failure. For him, it’s a catch 22 situation. If he responds yes, you’re of course upset and ready to end things. If he says no, you won’t believe him because you asked him a loaded question in the first place. You’d have never asked if you didn’t feel jealous or threatened.

Your friend is cute

We all have wandering eyes, but there is absolutely no reason to make it so obvious. If your guy has a cute friend, that’s fine, but leave it at that. There is no purpose or reasoning behind pointing out the fact that you think one of your man’s friends is attractive. That will never go over well. Imagine if the tables were turned.

You’re so insecure

If your man is insecure or lacking a bit of self-confidence, it’s likely that he is already well aware of it. There’s no good reason to point it out to him, as it’ll only make him feel that much worse. Being insecure is a hard issue to overcome. Instead of pointing out the obvious, try helping your man grow and become more confident.

So and so hit on me today

Men don’t care to know that another man hit on you while you were at the mall. Though it may have given you a little confidence boost, it does the exact opposite for him. It can easily stir up plenty of jealousy and tension within the relationship. Even if you think the story is funny, keep it to yourself.

We need to talk

Telling a guy that you need to talk all about opens the flood gates. Unless there is something super serious that you need to talk about, avoid this phrase altogether. If you’re just looking to have a conversation about something that’s been bugging you, do so, but don’t ever tell him “we need to talk.”

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