No More Drama: How To Keep The Nonsense To A Minimum In Your Relationship

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Drama and relationships sometimes go hand-in-hand. When there’s opposite sexes spending a lot of time together, it’s no surprise that fights and arguments come about. However, it is definitely possible to have a drama-free relationship. Drama doesn’t and shouldn’t have to ruin your relationship. Here are 14 ways to keep things as drama-free as possible.

Always communicate

Communication is important in order to keep drama out of a relationship. Without proper communication, there are bound to be all sorts of problems that come about. In order to keep drama and trouble out of the picture, you two will need to be willing and able to talk, no matter how you’re feeling or what’s going on. Communication needs to be #1.

Have boundaries

All relationships need to have boundaries. You two should be well aware of what is acceptable and what’s unacceptable in your relationship. Of course if you cross over the set boundaries, there will be issues. Not only do boundaries need to be there, but they need to be strictly followed. Otherwise they’re useless.

Be accepting

Drama can come about when you two hold grudges against each other. It’s crucial that you’re accepting of each others flaws and issues. Know that you will both make mistakes and that you’ll need to accept each other for who you are. Accept that things won’t always be unicorns and rainbows either.

Get rid of poisonous people

Outside friends and even family members can be toxic to you and your relationship. It’s not uncommon for an outside source to push drama into your relationship. When this happens, you two need to be willing to work through it personally, as well as stop the root cause of the issue. Toxic people need to be avoided entirely.

Avoid becoming mundane

A lot of drama can be stirred up in a relationship when you let your daily routine together become extremely mundane. During the weekdays you both work, come home, eat dinner, and go to bed. On the weekends you may go see a movie or go out to dinner. Having the same routine week in and week out is boring and can cause some problems. Spice things up when you can.

Don’t battle for power

Depending on your personalities, you may find that the two of your are consistently fighting to be above the other.  Maybe one of you wants to make all the calls and have control over most things in the relationship. But relationships require equality across the board. Fighting for power will only cause heated arguments. Settle for being equally powerfully.

Argue respectfully

Arguing and conflict in a relationship don’t have to be bad things. In fact, arguing, in a respectful way, is a great way to allow a relationship to grow and blossom, as well make it over any hurdles along the way. The key here is to argue in a respectful manner. Yelling, name calling, threats, and anything physical should not be involved, or else you risk tons of drama.

Be compassionate

Compassion goes a long way with the person you’re dating. It’s always relieving to know that the person you’re with is entirely caring and loving towards you. Showing compassion towards your partner is a good reminder of the relationship that you two have. Be helpful and kind as much as possible. It’ll take you far.

Be willing to change

People naturally change over time, but in a relationship, there is a requirement on both ends to bend. Being willing to change means that you’re willing to bend a little bit to make things work. If only one of you is willing to change, then there will be some issues. Change doesn’t have to be drastic, but be willing to budge, even in the slightest.

Stay away from jealousy

Jealousy is never a good characteristic, especially when you’re dating someone. Both men and women alike can have their jealous ways and attitudes, but when jealousy gets out of hand, it causes all sorts of drama. Arguments, accusations, and fights all tend to stem from jealousy. A jealous lover is never a good one.

Keep your relationship between the two of you

Relationships involve person A and person B, not person A, B, and C. It’s okay to talk about your relationship to those you are closest with, but it’s important to ensure that you are still communicating with and focused on your partner. Venting all of your problems out to a friend without ever mentioning them to your partner is a huge problem.

Have you time

In a relationship it’s easy to lose yourself. Though you may really enjoy spending time with your man, it’s important that you two are also able to enjoy time apart. Spending alone time, either by yourself or with friends, can easily help soothe any tension and stress in the relationship. Too much time together can be a bad thing!

Change your outlook

Sometimes our outlook and perspective can add a lot of unnecessary and unwanted drama into a relationship. Try to get rid of your negative outlook and perspective on things. When you go through a relationship optimistically, drama is less likely to find a home. Don’t allow yourself to bring a lot of pessimism into the situation, or else it’ ll create problems.

Listen to each other

Communication is a two way street. Not only do you have to be willing to talk out your thoughts and emotions, but you also have to be willing to listen to each other as well. What good is it if you have a brick wall of a boyfriend? Listening is just as important as talking. So when you two communicate, you need to digest each other’s thoughts and statements.

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