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If you ever watch “The Wendy Williams” show, you probably notice how any time there’s a discussion about cheating or a celeb whose been unfaithful on her show — like Leann Rimes yesterday — Wendy gets quite in her feelings on the matter. There’s always a disclaimer like, “as a wife, I think XYZ,” and sometimes she’ll even say, “as someone whose been cheated on, I would say…”  If you didn’t know the back story on those statements, the issue is Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter, been caught up in a number of sex scandals over the course of their marriage, not the least of which was Wendy finding out her husband had been sleeping around just one month after their son was born in 1999. In 2008, Wendy’s talent booker, Nicole Spence, also filed papers with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suing Wendy and claiming her husband demanded sex from her on multiple occasions and created a hostile work environment A sexual-harassment lawsuit soon followed, although Wendy and Kevin both deny the charges.

All of that said, many have felt Wendy ought to be a little more understanding when it comes to airing out other celebs’ dirty laundry, but as we see on a daily basis, the talk show host doesn’t go easy on anyone — except her husband. Speaking to VladTV, Wendy opened up about finding out her husband cheated and why she decided to stick with him through all the madness. She also explained why she would never be down for an open marriage — although hers seems to be open on one side at least. Check out the snippets.

How she found out her husband was cheating

I overhead some greasy talk from the next room so I tipped and I cracked and I heard what I heard and was like, ‘wow, this is how it’s going down.’ That as 12 years ago It has made our marriage stronger. I’m not back to the girl I was before him because when you get stung like that you never go back to who you were. Only a fool does. But I love him and he loves me…

Deciding to stay

If you told me when I was twenty five years old or thirty years old that I would stay around for a cheater, I would have been like ‘you’s a lie.’ I’ve got way too much to offer a man to stick around for him cheating on me, you know? At that particular time I had my career in radio, I was making a great salary, I had vacation property of my very own and the world was my oyster, so I definitely thought I wasn’t staying around for some cheating. But I did and I don’t regret it.

Thoughts on open marriages

I would never have an open relationship, I think that’s a recipe for disaster and it’s more than just celebrities. I know four couples in my own personal life, regular, normal people. Two black, one white and one mixed where she’s black and he’s white. And these are all people with advance degrees; I’m talking they’ve got their four year college but now they’re on to doctrines and masters and law degrees and things like that. They have open relationships. For the life of me, I would never do that. But I’ve noticed open relationships seemed cute and worked for these couples and I kind of enjoyed being friends with them. None of them know each other but I enjoyed it, you know like just an observation. But as the women have gotten older, because we’re all 50 now, they’ve slowed down on this notion but the men still want it.

Check out Wendy’s full interview in the video up top. What do you think about her response to her husband’s cheating and her decision to stay?

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