Location, Location, Location! 10 Innovative Money-Saving Wedding Venue Ideas

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With the average wedding costing almost $28,000 to plan and execute in the United States, cutting the budget on important wedding aspects like the perfect dress or ring could be unnecessary and unnerving. If you are looking to cut some major corners while planning your future wedding nuptials, try starting off  with one of the biggest wedding costs, the venue.

Looking for a cheaper, but innovative wedding venue  to save costs? Try considering a few of these inexpensive, non-traditional wedding venues to tie the knot in.

The Courthouse

A common place to get married, a courthouse is great for the low-key couple who doesn’t mind making it official without the pomp and circumstance of a full wedding ceremony. The convenience of a courthouse wedding could come in handy when trying to save a few extra dollars for your first home or upcoming family. You can also use the money you saved on a wedding ceremony venue to have a big reception or celebration of your union for all of your friends and family.

Where you first met

A great wedding venue idea to consider is having the ceremony where you and your fiance first met, whether it’s at school on campus or at a special restaurant. It is a great way to commemorate the first time you met your husband-to-be and could possibly be cheaper (or even free!). A great way to plead your case to hold a wedding ceremony at this special location is to set up a meeting with the venue’s manager and share your love story. You might get the chance to hold the ceremony there and start another special memory.

Your backyard

Your own home could be the site of your wedding ceremony! Try considering your home and outdoor space as a possible venue for your wedding. If you have a green thumb and your backyard is a well-groomed garden with ample space, get creative and plan your wedding ceremony to take place there. It’s a great way to save money on the wedding venue and travel too!

A friend or family’s home

If your home or backyard is out of the question, consider a family member or friend’s home. If they have ample space in their home or a picturesque scenery in the backyard, ask  if they would be willing to host your wedding. This could be a great way to trade off a wedding gift idea for a wedding venue!

A public park

Met your husband-to-be at a park or garden or simply love the outdoors? A public park might be a great and inexpensive venue option. With a beautiful, natural scenery in the background, a gazebo at the end of the altar and the inexpensive costs of a public outdoor venue, you can’t go wrong with considering the option of holding your ceremony at a park. Many public parks open their gates to couples looking to get married in the great outdoors, just do your research and make sure to ask about any permits and rules.

Venues in off-peak seasons

You might still be able to score a deal in your dream venue, just consider changing your wedding date around to off-peak season. As the least popular time to get married, November through March could be your best bet at getting the wedding venue of your dreams. Although it’ll be during the cold, winter months, turn the season into wedding inspiration and use it in your decor and theme!

An art gallery

Non-traditional wedding venues, like an art gallery, could be a great idea for a unique (but cheap) wedding. Many local art galleries are willing to accommodate couples looking to use the venue to hold their wedding ceremony and/or reception for free or with a reasonable fee during their open hours. Certain exhibit spaces in an art gallery are great for smaller wedding parties.


Your family’s church could be a venue of choice to use as the wedding venue that’s inexpensive. Talk to your Pastor or church leader about hold your wedding at the church, and as a member, the venue could be free of charge!

College Campus

If you met your husband-to-be in college, a great place to host your wedding is on the campus of where you first met. The venue might be inexpensive during the summer months when students are off-campus for the summer break, which is usually the peak season for weddings. Even if you didn’t meet your future hubby at college, many college campuses are still scenic, with historic statues, picturesque views and grandiose buildings that could make for a great backdrop and conversation amongst your wedding guest. Talking to the grounds supervisor, the school’s President or Dean and sharing your story could get you a wedding venue for free!

The Beach

The local beach is another scenic location to hold your wedding ceremony. If you and your fiance share a love for the outdoors or water, you can hold your ceremony at the beach or by a lake in the local area. Just like with the public park, talk to the recreational manager about any permits, rules or restrictions to hold your wedding there and the best time of day to do so.

Association Halls

Local association halls like an American Legion hall could be the biggest wedding venue for your buck, offering the space of a small-to-medium banquet hall with the convenience of a cheaper ceremony. Many local associations have no reservations when it comes to allowing outside events to happen, as long as it doesn’t interfere with meetings or gatherings.

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