Dating Habits You Need To Break If You Actually Want To Get Asked Out Again

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After dating for a while and taking a break and then getting back into the game, it’s no surprise that we pick up certain habits along in the way. Unfortunately, a lot of women pick up certain habits that really need to be broken. If you’re looking to get back into the dating world or you want to make sure that your dating etiquette and techniques are actually going to get you the results you want, make sure you aren’t doing these things.

Getting drunk on a date

Having a few drinks during a date is just fine, especially if the two of you are drinking together. However, when it comes to dating and alcohol, you have to know your limit. Being drunk, acting crazy, and slurring your words while on a date definitely isn’t attractive or cute. If you know that you can’t stop at two or three drinks, avoid them altogether. Otherwise you may end up making yourself look a mess and sitting with a guy who is now completely uninterested.

Talking about you only

Dating involves two people, and even if you love to talk about yourself and your life experiences, the man you’re on a date with should be talking as well. Of course the guy you’re dating is interested to hear all about you, but you have to know when to turn the conversation over to him. Going on for hours about your childhood, your career, and your favorite music is a bit too much. Turn the mic over to him as often as you can. This way by the end of the night, he’s not left a mystery to you because you stole the conversation.


At the beginning, there’s nothing wrong with checking up on a guy, especially before a blind date, to make sure that the person you’re going to be with isn’t crazy or married. However, once you’ve looked into who he is and what he’s about, there’s no reason to continue tracking his life online. You don’t need to stalk his Facebook wall and you don’t need to look at every single picture he has on Instagram. Online you may come across something you don’t like, but it may be a misunderstanding on your end. The key here is to e-stalk once, and no more.

Not being available often

Everyone has busy days and even busy weeks, and most people understand that. However, when you decide to jump into the dating world, it’s important that you’re able to free up your schedule. There’s nothing worse than planning a date and having to cancel or reschedule. If you’re going to be a player in the dating world, be sure that you have time for it. Cancelled or extremely sparse dates can cause your date to think that he’s boring or that you’re uninterested.

Being overly available

He calls you at 4PM, by 4:30PM you two are together. The next day you text him at lunch time and plan to meet him for a quick meal. While spending time together and being excited to be with the man you’re dating is nice, sometimes it’s bad to be too available. Being available every single day and night does show your interest in him, but it can also show that you don’t have a life outside of dating. If you’re out with him every day, where are your friends? Your hobbies? Don’t be overly available or else you’ll seem desperate.

Being overly flirty

If you find your date attractive and if good vibes are being sent back and forth, it’s okay to flirt. However, there is no need to be extremely flirty to the point that you are making all sorts of inappropriate moves. Try to keep the flirting from going overboard. You can hug and kiss him goodnight, but there’s no need to have a full on make out session at dinner. Flirt, but start off slowly.

Using your cell phone

When you’re on a date with someone, you need to put all of your focus and energy into the date. It’s downright rude to be calling and texting other people when you’re on a date. Having to respond to an emergency situation is acceptable, but texting another guy you’ve dated in the past or carrying on a conversation with your best friend just isn’t ideal. Your date deserves your full attention. Keep your phone in your purse and out of sight.

Dressing badly for a date

Whatever your body type is, if you’re a confident woman, it’s likely that you’ve embraced what you’ve got. Having confidence is one thing, but dressing like you’re headed to the club isn’t the best choice for a date. When you meet someone for the first time, or for future dates, you’ll want to dress nicely. Wearing clothes that are too small or too big for you doesn’t make you look attractive, secure, or confident. While you don’t need to wear your Sunday’s best, you should at least look presentable.

Being extremely picky

Having standards and expectations when dating is definitely a good thing. It’s smart to go into the dating world knowing what you’re looking for. But, you’ll want to make sure that your standards, wants, and needs, don’t set the bar too high. Being overly picky is truly going to make dating a lot harder for you than it needs to be. If you have a list of 100+ must haves in a guy, good luck finding the one!

Judging a book by it’s cover

Dating really requires you to go into things with an open mind and heart. If you’re one to judge people quickly, you’ll definitely want to work on that. Judging someone as soon as you meet them can lead to tons of failed dates and relationships. Instead of having a set judgement of a man, get to know him first, and then have your say about him. Judging a book by its cover may cause you to miss out on a good man.

Letting your emotions get the best of you

So you’ve been single for awhile and the thrill of possibly finding a relationship has you excited and anxious all at once. Being single can put you into the mindset of needing and desperately wanting to find someone so that you’re done being lonely. Just because you’ve hit it off with a guy, don’t immediately let your emotions rush in. You don’t and can’t love him after a two-hour date. Don’t let emotional blindness allow you to become needy.

Dwelling on past experiences

It’s important to learn and remember the past, but the key is to remember that the past is in the past, it’s gone. You can’t put your new date in the same light as your ex. Don’t go into a date with the mindset that this guy is like everyone else. Holding grudges and judging every man on a bad past experience will be detrimental to your dating experience. Keep the past in the back of your mind, but go into dates with a blank slate and a willingness to give your new date the benefit of the doubt.

Getting too involved in dating

Dating is important, it’s fun, and it’s a good way to socialize and interact, but dating should not cause a huge disruption in your life. You shouldn’t have to put your life aside to be a successful dater. Continue to hang out with your friends. Attend family functions. Dating is important, but the rest of your life shouldn’t be put on the back burner. Know how to allot your time wisely.


So you say you’re dating, but rarely are you out there looking for a guy and being proactive. In the dating world, waiting around won’t get you far. Your knight in shining armor isn’t just going to arrive at your doorstep one day. Don’t wait around hoping and wishing that your man is soon to come. Be proactive and get out there. Waiting around for a man to find you will prolong your dating experience.

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