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So, apparently Kelly Rowland may have just sprayed a little Febreeze on all that ‘Dirty Laundry’ and told us it is clean. From Gawker:

Last month, Rowland released “Dirty Laundry,” a song written with The-Dream about an abusive relationship she had. It wasn’t with Beyoncé (surprise), but it did drive a stake between the two old friends and occasional co-workers. Rowland famously cut herself off while performing the song in Washington D.C. last week to cry or take an extended round of deep breaths. Jezebel called the performance “gut-churning.” Rowland took a similar breather/cry break at the exact same moment during the next three shows on her mini-tour with The-Dream (I couldn’t find YouTube footage of their final show together, which took place Sunday in Mashantucket, CT ). I cut together the four I did find in the video up top.”

You can follow the link to see the video. But just in case some of you are at work, or on a mobile device with a cheap data plan, here’s the rundown. The video is a compilation of concert footage from four separate shows, in which Rowland cried at part of the song where she just so happens to mention King Bey’s name. Also in the video is an interview Rowland did recently with OMG! Insider in which she cried – again. This time it was over a question about the status of her current relationship with Mrs. Carter. If you can borrow somebody’s Internet, I implore you to check out the video for yourself because words can not fully describe how plastic those tears appeared to be. Actually, I’m just being too harsh. Her acting has certainly improved since The Seat Filler. And she even put in the extra effort of squinting her eye lid shut really hard until a single tear managed to dampen the corner of her eye. Then she hand fanned it away, before excusing herself with an, “I’m sorry. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry.” The interview is masterfully shady to everyone involved. But despite her teary-eyed, imaginary pom-pom waving insistence, it’s hard to believe she “loves being an auntie” and always second fiddle to her former bandmate – in fact after watching this, I’m not even convinced she has visitation rights to little Blue Ivy.

Of course, this is not the first time Rowland has let the tears fall over the only true survivor of Destiny’s Child. In an interview with Access Hollywood two years ago, Rowland burst out the waterworks after host Billy Bush played a special message from King Bey herself, where the singer wishes Kelly luck on her third solo album (wait an eye poppin’ minute: Rowland has had more than three solo albums? In America? North or South? Where the heck have I been?). And last year, Rowland was spotted boohooing outside of a Venice, California-based restaurant, where Beyoncé, Jay-Z and company had gathered for a birthday dinner in her honor.

To be fair: Rowland is a bit of a crier in general, even when Beyoncé is not around. In the December 2011 issue of the UK version of Marie Claire, Rowland confessed to locking herself in the bathroom and crying after seeing a picture of her estranged father in a magazine. She was also a frequent crier on the reality television show The X-Factor. And according to LaTavia Roberson, former Destiny’s Child backup singer, Rowland was always the “sensitive one” and would sometimes go into her room to cry after getting a good talking-to from manager Mathew Knowles. So it may very well be be that Rowland is just the type to wear her emotions on her sleeve.

But still, there is no denying that the “spontaneous” emotional breakdowns we see on stage and in interviews comes off like a campy schtick. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it. She wouldn’t be the first person to fake tears for the performance art of a song. And you can’t blame her for wanting to manipulate the media, who thirst so bad for any insider information on Beyoncé that they are willing to undercut her interview time, which should be spent on promoting her projects, to talk about something other than her. However, now that I suspect the emotions are fake, I’m not really sure I care about the song anymore.

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