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If you know anything about Erykah Badu, it’s that she’s one of the deepest thinkers in music, and is usually a pretty calm, cool, and collected individual. But as Dave Chappelle pointed out in Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, something most don’t realize about her is that she is funny, and not just serious all the time, and she likes to crack jokes.

This past weekend, after a follower decided to give her two cents about why you shouldn’t see Erykah Badu in concert, the singer caught wind of the shade and threw a major dose of it back. It went something like this:

FOLLOWER: Let me save u time & money ppl. She’ll be 6 hours late & all kinda phony. “@AnkhMarketing: Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella) Live June 29th!

ERYKAH: @HoldenSaysWha sit yo window seat head a** down.

FOLLOWER:  @fatbellybella did I hit a nerve? lol. Calm ur fat, fake righteous a** down “Fat belly bella”

ERYKAH: @HoldenSaysWha long neck a**

FOLLOWER: I’m Somali B***h…We have long Necks #Nefertitineck @fatbellybella

ERYKAH: @HoldenSaysWha so  .

FOLLOWER: so …so what b***h,,,i called u out and now u mad..get out of my mentions fat belly bella…tend to ur children…uz a mom. @fatbellybella

ERYKAH: @HoldenSaysWha nawl. Too late now.. You done did it . U bout to be famous in the WORSE way now  . Ol squeezed stress ball head a**. Lol

FOLLOWER: Done what fake conscious b***h…come at me…you AND UR 80 baby daddies INDUSTRY HO @fatbellybella

ERYKAH: @HoldenSaysWha don’t try to run now .. Ol 123 waaaayback head a**.

FOLLOWER: Why are you such whorible example for young girls… why so many baby daddies? i need answers fat a** @fatbellybella

ERYKAH: @HoldenSaysWha you worried about the wrong thing girl. U need to concentrate on how u gone get that shirt off over yo head.

FOLLOWER: Weak..ur sooo weak…….industry ho…

ERYKAH: @HoldenSaysWha wobble d wobble d wob head a**
FOLLOWER: That wobble sound u hear is ur fat a** being passed around in the industry….@fatbellybella
ERYKAH: @HoldenSaysWha ol large nostril having a** .. Suckin up all the air and s**t . Sit down .
@HoldenSaysWha head  look like somebody been suckin on it . Ol bee bee head a**.
@HoldenSaysWha “Eddie ! I want what’s comin ta me! ” head a**.
FOLLOWER:  Lol …. You have no idea how to insult me…get off my looks Erykah im East African..Im immuned to ugly insult .. @fatbellybella
ERYKAH: @HoldenSaysWha lol u gone Fuk around and owl gone walk up on you and count to 3 and bit the s**t out of your tootsie roll pop head. Lol
When all that was said and done, Badu later spoke out on her Twitter about why she decided to finally respond to someone on Twitter who said some things she clearly didn’t agree with:
Lol sorry y’all . This is what happens when BULLY’s get drug.”
What if I don’t want to ignore the insult ? What if I wanna drag her ? It Tickles me. Jeeeez, I’m sorry . Nobodies perfik.
There was NO EXTREME TWITTER BEEF. After being insulted -i chose an ol school remedy. SCO’N. chops bullies down to size. Helps us laugh.

As for the Twitter follower, she told a friend:

“Girl..i made that lame a** b**h relevant was NOT my intention..I was just venting. F’ a fat belly”

Personally, I’m from Chicago, the “You got jokes, huh!?” capital of the world and home of the “Lookin a** boy” song that was popular a few years ago. Therefore, I don’t know if I see Erykah really being malicious as much as I just see her trying to be comical. But taking the “I was bullied” stance? I wouldn’t say all that. The follower was just the usual Twitter follower trying to state would could have been a helpful opinion, but did so in an as usual, less than helpful way. It might have been best to ignore @HoldenSaysWha. But I will say, kudos to Erykah for not resorting to calling this girl out her name after homegirl called her a “b***h” and a “ho” multiple times. Either way, Twitter strikes again.

What do you think?

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