True Life: Are Blacks More Homophobic Than Everyone Else?

June 6, 2013  |  
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The media and evidence from our site and social networking pages would lead one to believe black folk have strong opinions about same sex relationships. And often these strong opinions come across as, or outright represent homophobic schools of thought. Many blame the Christian church, intolerance and in some cases legitimate hate and fear for the ways in which these thoughts are expressed. We asked our Facebook followers if they believe blacks are more the most homophobic people out here. See what they had to say.

: Yes ! Because of what we learn in church and growing up listening to older people. But I am not …I love everyone for who they are.

Nicole: No, and the statistics indicate the ethnic groups who actually commit the most crimes tied to homophobia.

Cassandra: No, I think many groups are just as homophobic

Tina: Yes I do and I find it to be very sad we have been discriminated against for so long and we have the nerve to discriminate knowing what this feels like. I say let people be. I am gay and I’m African American and proud of it

Zahkiyah: I think we are very homophobic- but not necessarily MORE. And I don’t understand it because with 80% of black babies being born out of wedlock how can we come at ANYBODY about sin??? It always boggles my mind.

Lala: Yes…because we have SUCH an immature view of sexuality…yet at the same time we put such a high standard on sexuality…when you add into that mix the religion that was indoctrinated into us by our slave masters…what you get is a complete and total mess.

Mamabird: No I don’t think so. I believe Latinos and Arabs are just as or even more homophobic! If it doesn’t end with producing more people then they are way against! Their cultures are way against it!

Diveta: No…people ALWAYS hate what they don’t understand.

Genia: Yes because Black males are hyper masculine… I believe their hypermasculinity is a survival mechanism derived from years of slavery and continued oppression. Their hyper masculinity is also probably the reason for the over abundance of fatherless children (impregnating a woman is almost as if they are demonstrating their masculinity… The children are the proof) but that’s another topic!!! But yes, our community is much more homophobic than other ethnic groups…

Ashley: I think it is a cultural thing. Traditionally as Africans, our culture believes in man, woman, and child. this has been the case before Christianity arrived. most cultures, besides Europeans are the same.

Chelley: I would say yes! Mostly because the black community spends so much time talking about what’s ungodly and persecuting anyone that doesn’t fit the typical mold. Just as there are so many black men who are quick to say “no homo,” yet there are so many of them on the DL because they’re afraid of being ridiculed for being who they really are and being judged. Our culture is overall more judgmental over everything, but especially so when it’s our OWN race!

Crystal: I can not speak for the black community or anyone else, I can only speak for myself. It is my opinion that homophobia stems from people worrying about the sexual affairs of others. Regardless of the ethnic group more people need to tend to their own affairs, not the affairs of others. Peace and Love to all

Niecy: Spend a day with the Muslim community and they make us look like saints.

Leslie: No, Blacks seem to be very accepting. We might talk a lot of sh!t, but we’ll accept sh!t

Tanjji: Heck no!!! How? The choir, praise team, church musicians, choir presidents, ministers of music, cousins, aunts, uncles and parents are gay. Black folks have gays and lesbians in their family. I love mine.

Niki: Yes, partly because it’s still misunderstood by many. Reason being we don’t discuss it…it’s like a bad family secret in a lot of black families. There are many I believe that are confused about their own sexuality and afraid to admit it…

Natasha: Exactly what do you mean homophobic???….just because a person has morals and respect for God’s word doesn’t mean they’re homophobic…get real…
Kim: I think blacks are over the top with everything. They let religion get in the way, only God can judge!!

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