Are You Traci From “Love & Hip Hop ATL”? Here’s How To Get Over Your Drew

June 6, 2013  |  

I have to admit, this season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” is working the center of my nerves. Oh, I love the show. But some (most) of the relationship drama this season is really giving me relationship-NAM flashbacks.

Between Stevie J and his axis of craziness between Mimi, Joseline and introducing Che Mack (who wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t so damn hype) and the just flat-out Slore-shaming wrongness of Rasheeda and her douchebag husband with the aesthetically-challenged Adam’s Apple, I don’t know how much more of the relationship drama I can emotionally take. Seriously, all of these guys are dirt bags and all these women are silly for being with them. I’m not sure of whom situation I dislike the most. Then came the segment with DJ Traci Steele and her baby dad, who is aptly named Baby Drew. And clearly we have a winner.

Everything about Baby Drew annoys the heck out of me. For one, you are a grown A$$ man named “Baby” something. He should not be treating the mother of his son like that.

But Charing, Traci does it to herself. I’m way ahead of you.

It is true that since the season premiere, when we got past the “who is this chick” phase, we were keen on the fact that Traci had a habit of spazzing out unnecessarily about a relationship, which appeared to have ended many moons ago. But most of us know exactly why she does it. It’s pretty obvious actually. She does it because, for whatever reason, she really likes this boy. She is a woman, who had dug her heels into a man, for whom she had made long-term plans with. Unfortunately, and like it seems to do sometimes, the relationship just didn’t work out. But, by golly, Traci is determined to make this relationship work. She is headstrong in her foolishness and her refusal to just let go emotionally from him is part of the reason they have so much strife. The other part is that despite her silliness, Drew is not trying to let her go either.

After the umpteenth time watching Traci make that ugly cry face right before she starts screaming on him, you begin to wonder why Baby Drew would subject himself to this. Outside of co-parenting, there really isn’t any other reason for the other parts of their lives to intermingle. And certain situations he puts himself in with Traci make no sense – such as the sneaker business. I don’t know about the rest of you but asking the person, who is making a part of your life hell right now, to spot you 25k, doesn’t seem pretty smart. The only thing I can think of that would subject himself to such headache is that he was hard-up for cash, which certainly appeared to be the case. And only a creep would take advantage of another person’s emotional instability for their own financial gain. For that, he deserves a nice, swift kick to the baby drews.

Okay, maybe I am being harsh on the young man. Maybe he is not as diabolical as he certainly is portrayed on the series. Drew probably does love his baby mother (In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we learn that the two were still hooking up on occasion). But he is full of himself and has access to lots of people, who are willing to reaffirm that. He probably needs an mentor to show him how to be an adult male. Oh and he probably also needs to stop hanging around Breezy. That guy can’t be a good influence. And Traci needs a girlfriend. Someone to snap her out of the craziness and nudge her away from this dude, for her own good.

I think the reason why I am unnerved by the Traci and Drew story the most is because I’ve actually been in her shoes before (minus the child). As a person, who has thankfully matured from that space, it is almost embarrassing to see a piece of your younger self play out on a semi-scripted reality television. I know that there are lots of Tracis out there, who right now are caught up in the limbo of caring for a dude, who is more in the relationship for the wrong reasons. I am not going to browbeat you with tough love advice of “get over him,” which most folks gave me. It was right but nobody really told me how, exactly? Instead I am going to give you the sure fire way of getting back at him and making him interested in you again: Start dating somebody else.

Heck, start dating a bunch of somebody elses. Point is, only see men that are not your ex. There is no better way to make him understand that cliché about green grass on opposing sides of fences more than a case of the green-eyed monsters. It certainly works on Traci, who goes into a fit of rage every time she sees Drew anywhere near a “video heaux.” And it will certainly work on him once he learns that she has been laughing, flirting and sharing a basket of Cheddar bay biscuits at Red Lobster in the arms of another man. Guys like Drew get off on the ego boost, which is to come from having a beautiful woman like Traci sweat all over him. And nothing would be more bruising to that same ego than knowing that she found someone worth sweating MORE than him. And that’s when he’d start calling and showing up unannounced…

So try it. What’s the worst that could happen – other than you actually being able to move on?

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