Missed The Last Dance: Celebrities Who Didn’t Make It To Prom

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Missed out on your prom? You’re not alone. Evelyn Lozada isn’t the only one who couldn’t make it to the big night. These celebrities didn’t go to prom either. Some were too busy balling, some had already started their careers and some just couldn’t get a date.

Evelyn Lozada

We all know that Evelyn missed out on her West Bloomfield High School prom because she was pregnant with Shaniece. But one of her Twitter followers decided to do something about it. Anthony Nelson, a Senior at West Bloomfield High School asked her to prom at her old alma mater and she said yes. Evelyn said she had the time of her life.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon didn’t go to his prom because he graduated early. But that didn’t stop him from cutting up at other peoples’ big nights. Nick says “I went to a lot of other peoples’ proms. I was the prom date of choice.” But Nick says it wasn’t all fun and games. He spent a lot of time worrying about his height:

“I was a short guy and I remember going to prom with this girl and she was like 5’10” and I was like 5’2″. I remember having to make her take off her high heels in the prom pictures, and I still had to stand on my tippy toes. I was still shorter than the girl. I remember praying, saying I just want to be 6′ but now everything is cool because I am 6′. I always had height issues when it came to school dances and prom.”

Miley Cyrus

Child star Miley was busy filming “The Last Song” when her prom rolled around, but Miley doesn’t want people to think that it was some big sacrifice not to attend. In fact, she’s glad she didn’t go:

“I would be like the single loner at the back of the prom… That’s the worst! I am not going to do that. That is like the worst. You shouldn’t even go.”


In the eighties, just about every prom queen rocked Madonna’s style on the big night. But Madge never made it to her 1975 prom at Rochester Hills High School in Michigan. Apparently, the yet-to-be-famous singer sat at home because she couldn’t get a date.

Owen Wilson

Owen didn’t got to prom because they don’t offer it for juvenile delinquents who’ve been shipped off to military school. The Wedding Crashers star was a handful in high school. He got himself kicked out during his senior year and shipped off to the New Mexico Military Institute.

Paula Patton (and Robin Thicke)

Paula Patton didn’t go to prom because she was dating Robin Thicke and didn’t want anyone to know she was dating a white boy:

“I didn’t want people to know [we were dating]. I didn’t want people to call me a sellout or an Oreo, because I’d gotten that my whole life and it wasn’t the truth”

Robin wasn’t mad though — because he had no idea what was going on. Teenage Paula lied about the reason why they didn’t go:

“She had actually told a couple of people I was black. Then prom night comes, we’d been together a year and a half, and she just lies and says she didn’t want to go instead of saying she didn’t want to take me.”

Robin and Paula are married now and Paula says she regrets the decision:

“That’s the sad part. I missed it because I was afraid. I didn’t choose him because of his color.

Mena Suvari

Mena is another star who didn’t start shining until after high school. She says that she missed out on prom at Providence High School in Burbank in 1997 because she was an outcast:

 “I didn’t have that many friends. I had one or two friends but didn’t go to the prom. It was just very much about graduating and making it through.”

James Franco

James didn’t make it to his Palo Alto High School prom because he was too busy being a boss. He won Best Smile in the high school yearbook and was probably a shoe-in for king. But Franco didn’t have time for high school parties:

“My girlfriend at the time was an actress and my prom was actually on my 18th birthday, but there was also a trip to Aspen, Oregon to go see the plays. So, we opted to see the plays. We had our own little prom”

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri never made it to her Hoffman Estates High School prom. So she did something about it and took WWE superstar MVP to her high school prom ten years later. When they walked in, the DJ played MVP’s theme song: I’m Comin’ by Silkk the Shocker. And Sherri had the time of her life: “I feel like we’re the black Ken and Barbie”.

Bristol Palin

Evelyn wasn’t the only celebrity to miss out on prom because she was pregnant. But she’s probably one of the most famous after politician Sarah Palin’s daughter who said being pregnant with her son Tripp meant she just couldn’t do it:

“I don’t have that kind of time. And the dress is like $400, and the shoes, hair, makeup—it’s way too expensive.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Dark Knight Rises star says that he missed his prom because he didn’t have time for the basic chicks that went to his LA high school:

“They were, like, looking in their compact mirrors and s***, and I thought that was evil.”

Kirsten Dunst

The Spider Man star couldn’t find anyone to take her to her prom. So her friend — director Sofia Coppola — talked actor Josh Hartnett into taking her. Kirsten Dunst agreed at first but changed her mind and turned him down. Then she decided to skip out on the night altogether.

Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien didn’t go to his prom, but we don’t know why. Apparently the story was too traumatic to divulge. He confessed that he missed the fete in a letter to 16-year-old Nikki Simmons. She invited Conan to her own prom but he respectfully declined:

“Dear Nikki,
Thanks for your very flattering offer. It’s great to know I have such a devoted fan out there, and I’m sure you would make a great prom date. (I didn’t go to mine — it’s a very sadstory.) Unfortunately, I got married recently, and my wife doesn’t allow me to go to proms anymore with cute 16-year-old girls. Still, it was very cool of you to ask me.
Thanks and have a great evening. Your friend, Conan.”


Drake didn’t go to prom because he didn’t finish high school. The actor turned rapper dropped out of Forest Hill Collegiate Institute in Toronto at 15 to join the cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Drake waited a long time to finish school but finally got his GED with the help of teacher Kim Janzen from Vaughan Road Academy.

Lisa Kudrow

The Friends star skipped out on her prom because she didn’t like her dress. She got dressed and decided that she didn’t like what she saw. So she called her date up and cancelled last minute.

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