He Don’t Want It: Surprising Deal Breakers For Men

June 6, 2013  |  
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You know the obvious deal breakers: too clingy, unfaithful, immature, princess mentality, etc. But believe it or not, men are sensitive to a few behaviors you wouldn’t think they notice—or perhaps you even thought they endorsed!


You disrespect your family

If you and your mom tend to get into yelling fits on the phone, don’t call your mom in front of a guy. Men have a special place in their hearts for mamas—they typically would never disrespect theirs and find it a deal breaker if you disrespect yours.

All your pictures are clubbing pictures

This screams the opposite of girlfriend/wife material. Remember: people perceive the things you take photos of as the things that you prioritize. Which means if you’re dancing on tables in all your photos or popping champagne in limos, he immediately sees that your work and relationships (and health) come second to that.


You talk about your ex

Like, at all. Seriously, some men see red the second you mention the existence of an ex. Nothing is more emasculating than being a rebound so men are terrified of that prospect. Even if you’re just telling an innocent story about a memory, save it.


You can’t cook

Yup! They are this old fashioned. Plenty of men admit they won’t date a woman who cannot cook. Not only do they openly say they want someone who can cook for them, but they also feel that if a grown woman can’t make anything more than mac and cheese, this reflects directly on how well she takes care of herself.


You worry too much

You assume there are ten hidden meanings behind every one thing he says. Every time you get together, it turns out you have a pile of issues that have surmounted since you’ve been apart that you need him to address for you. If you’re a worrier, he worries he has to constantly be on damage control. And most men don’t want to deal with that.

You refuse to eat fast food

You don’t need to (and shouldn’t be) frequenting drive through’s every week, but if you absolutely refuse to just eat the fries he is offering you, this instantly tells him you never break a rule, you never go against routine, and you don’t take risks. BO-ring.

You don’t know how to put yourself together

We’re not saying you have to flat iron your air and cake on foundation every time you step out of the house. In fact, most men don’t like that. But, it’s not cute (as you may have otherwise thought) to wear sweatpants and a messy bun everywhere. This makes you look immature. Men are embarrassed to walk around with the swamp monster.

You require constant contact

If he doesn’t text you for half a day, you get angry, or send him a text asking if he’s dead. Men cannot put up with the stress of remembering to text you at set increments of time, all so you don’t freak out.

You tell your friends…anything at all

You think it’s harmless fun and you’re just gossiping with the girls. But for some men, what happens in your relationship—from the most innocent, inconsequential things to the most private—is all private. Some men feel completely betrayed if they hear you saying one word to a friend about your relationship.

You raise your voice. Even once.

Many men have a no-yelling rule. And if you break it just once, you’re out. Some guys have no tolerance for a woman with a temper, and yelling is the ultimate sign of losing yours.

You have a promiscuous past

You never cheated on anyone, and you were always safe about your health, but you got around in your day. For some men, this is a no-go. It doesn’t matter how respectable and nice you are now; they just can’t handle a woman with a reputation like that.

You’re not into PDA

Men like to set the pace on PDA. Even if they’re not really into it, they don’t like when a woman completely keeps her hands off them in public. They like to have the option for PDA, should the mood strike them. Having you set the pace makes them feel emasculated, and neglected.

You don’t take his side in public

It’s okay if you think what he just said is completely stupid, uneducated and juvenile. But you are not to say that in front of other people. If he backs himself into a wall, you go pry him out. You don’t line up with the others to laugh at him. Most men won’t stand for this.


You get black out drunk

You’d think men like a woman who can party, right? Sort of. But men don’t like the idea of a girlfriend who doesn’t know what she’s doing, and doesn’t remember how she got home. On the nights they don’t party with you, that idea gives them major anxiety.

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