Watch Your Step Before You Bust Your Ish: The Worst (As In Funniest) Celebrity Falls Ever

June 4, 2013  |  
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We all fall. I actually fell a couple times this morning when trying to navigate these slanted New York streets in my wedges. But when celebrities fall (and not in a dangerous way like Beyoncé tripping face first down a flight of stairs), and on-camera, it just so happens to be hilarious. Here are 15 falls that we couldn’t help but howl at. And don’t judge us, because you know you were laughing too…

Musiq Soulchild

If there’s anything that makes a fall all the more comical, it’s when the person who takes the dive is so enthusiastic about what they’re doing up until that crash and burn. As for Musiq, he was putting on a very good show (“Say oooooooooh!”) and then he got a little too hyped up and disappeared from the front of the stage. And I know I’m not the only person who noticed the resounding “oooooh” and the fact that the tech guy cut the spotlight off real quick. But kudos to him for getting up and dusting himself off like nothing happened. But note of advice for the future: shades in the dark will do this to a person…

Michelle Williams

People have been pretty hard on Michelle Williams over the years when it comes to holding her own next to Beyoncé and Kelly on stage. I didn’t notice this phenomenon until the above performance, when she fell in front of a live audience at 106 & Park. While Beyoncé either missed Michelle’s collapse or pretended not to see it, Kelly looked at that baby like she was a germ and didn’t even think to help her out. The struggle was so real…


With her very short shorts and her very tall boots, during her Loud tour, Rihanna commanded the stage. But in between all that winding and twirling, Ri Ri took a tumble when the toe of her shoes got caught up in the stage. She shrugged it off (literally), and kept the party going on-stage while singing “What’s My Name.”

Rick Ross

A blind man can see that Rick Ross is not the tiniest person in the world, so a fall off the stage probably left him bruised and confused. But no more confused than his hype men, who didn’t know whether to try their best to help pick him up, or roll the “Bawse” to his feet with what little dignity he had left.


Before Drake was Mr. Cool man in his Timberlands during summer and old-man silk shirts, he was just trying to live up to the hype he was receiving after the release of his mixtape, So Far Gone. During a performance, while trying to come out and do “Best I Ever Had,” he got too hyped up, and slipped over God knows what. But that was the end of that. Your boy was down for the count as he wound up re-injuring a bum knee. He ended up having to do future performances sitting down until he could get knee surgery.

Lil Wayne

During a performance of “Pop Bottles” with Birdman, Lil Wayne ran out for his part and did a slide that was worthy of me launching myself down my Slip ‘n Slide as a kid in the ’90s. His legs literally flew up in the air, so much so that a YouTube commenter said that he must have been wearing Heelys (the kid shoes with wheels on the bottom). But kudos to your boy for jumping up quicker than a cat and pretending it didn’t happen.

Juan Gabriel

The now-63-year-old Mexican singer definitely tried to show us that he still has the moves. But unfortunately for him, all that quick and fancy footwork landed your boy backwards in what would be designated as the orchestra section. His crowd of fans jumped up to ensure he hadn’t broken a neck or busted a good hip.

Jazmine Sullivan

If there’s anything famous folks can learn from Jazmine Sullivan’s fall, it’s that you shouldn’t let your hype man get you toooo hyped up. As she came out on the stage to sing, the hype man told her to pull out a diva walk for the fans and show everyone how she struts her stuff. She was doing okay for a second, until her foot took a slid and she collapsed to the floor. She was clearly a bit embarrassed seeing as how she tried to lay herself out on the dirty floor for a few minutes. It took someone to come help her up to get her to go on with the show.

Columbus Short

Before he was Harrison on Scandal, Columbus Short was just the really cute guy from Stomp The Yard. He made an appearance at Fresno State for a step show, and the screams that brought him out on stage turned into a resounding “OH S***!” when he disappeared off the stage. Short didn’t watch his step and wound up falling off the front of the stage within one minute of introducing himself to fans. Luckily for him, the stage wasn’t too high,  otherwise, I could see some broke legs happening because he was NOT paying attention.

Mr. Dalvin

If you were waiting for a Jodeci reunion, please, don’t hold your breath. Especially not after watching the absolute failure that was the group (sans DeVante Swing) trying to perform at Wembley Arena earlier this year. You know your performance is destined to fail when you fall off stage within the first two minutes of being on it. He totally overestimated where and how he needed to jump, and because of that, he ended up booty first on the cement ground, struggling to find his way back up to the stage after the fact.

J. Lo

Miguel wasn’t the first person to fall on his behind at an awards show. Just ask J.Lo. At the American Music Awards, she began her performance standing on one of her dancer’s backs. What was supposed to happen was that she was going to jump off of him, exciting the crowd as she worked “that thang.” However, she wound up tripping and busting her ish on the stage. Since then, she’s been trying to redeem herself on stage. Maybe that’s why she’s out here in thigh high boots and leotards…

Mariah Carey

The ultimate diva, when Mimi falls, she falls with dramatic grace. While pregnant and performing in Singapore in 2010, Carey was just coming out on the stage in her heels when she quickly crashed and burned on her booty. Of course, she fell like an extra in Gone With The Wind, hand up in the air and a face that looked like she was going to say, “Why I never!” She learned real quick that she needed to do better, and pulled those heels off with the quickness.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is not about that standing life. Blame it on the monstrous heels she wears at all times, but Gaga has fallen more times than we can count (hence the many compilation videos that have been done of her falling out). She’s tripped over pianos, over her dresses and basically, just over her gargantuan heels. All that falling damn near cost that baby a hip when she suffered a labral tear last year.


With all the spitting and cussing Game does at his fans, I couldn’t help but find myself laughing out loud when during the middle of his gangster rap, while he was trying to appear hard, he slipped off the front of the stage into the darkness. It was damn near a magic act. Going, going, gone!


We couldn’t do a slideshow like this without mentioning Miguel. Of course, he had the fall/fail of a lifetime a few weeks ago when he took two women out with his “roach stompers” and thighs during a performance of “Adorn” at the Billboard Music Awards. Since then, he’s become something of a phenomenon for the folly, and one of the victims claims she’s suffered some brain damage from his foolish decision to try and be Prince (even though Prince wouldn’t do that s***) over a crowd of people. You live and you learn…and you wear more sensible shoes by the way.

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