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Tired of not knowing your correct bra size? Jockey International may have the answer for you. The company is selling a new $60 bra that promises to be a better fit than you’re used to. First, you have to buy a $20 kit that includes bra cups and a tape measure to help women select the right size of their new line of bras—The Jockey Bra. Jockey says the kit includes a $20 coupon, plus a money-back guarantee on a bra (which only comes in beige, white or black) if it does not fit.

The company has spent eight years developing the new measurement system, reports The New York Times. The new system factors in the shape of a woman’s breasts, not merely bust size. The bras are a mass-market answer to custom fittings that have become increasingly popular in boutiques and high-end department stores.

While companies are forever introducing new styles of bras, the standard sizes have barely changed over the years. “Cup sizes are based on two measurements — the breast at its fullest point, minus the rib cage measurement. If it’s a one-inch difference, it’s an A cup; a two-inch difference, a B cup; and so forth,” according to the Times. But Jockey says this approach doesn’t take into account different breast shapes. Customers who use the kit try on the cups and then measure their rib cage. So, a woman with a 34-inch rib cage and medium-size breasts might wear a Jockey Bra with the size 5-34 or a 6-34.

To come up with the new system, Jockey scanned 800 women, getting “data points about all of the different measurements of a woman’s torso and the breast size,” Sally Tomkins, a senior vice president, tells the newspaper. Researchers even followed women in their homes as they selected  bras and got dressed.  As a result, Jockey created 10 cup sizes (available only for their new Jockey Bras). “Our bras don’t necessarily get bigger, bigger, bigger, but in different proportions — they get larger, but in different shapes,” Dustin Cohn, the company’s chief marketing officer, told the Times.

But when you introduce a new product, part of the process is getting people used to it. In this case, it’s not just a new product, but a new sizing system for something that’s very personal to women. That’s a big hurdle.

Also, you have to get women to be OK with spending $60 on a Jockey bra. Many women aren’t used to spending that much on a bra period. But the Jockey brand isn’t associated with this price point. So you have to convince shoppers that they should be spending this kind of money on this item.

The bra above isn’t The Jockey Bra, but we have a video about the sizing kit below. Would you try the new Jockey Bra for $60?

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