Old Is New Again! Vintage Wedding Traditions That Are Making A Comeback

June 4, 2013  |  
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Like with all things in life from food to fashion, there is a natural flow from craving the traditional, to praising modern spins on things, to totally veering from tradition, and finally going right back to it. We seem to find ourselves on the latter part of the cycle as far as weddings go. Forget bright pink bridal gowns and receptions held in cemeteries: everything old is new again!

Leaving before the guests

In recent years the bride and groom have probably stuck around until every last guest has left the after party, thinking it’d be rude to leave early. But if you’ll recall, the bride and groom used to intentionally take off for their honeymoon very early in the evening, receiving a grand goodbye from all their guests, who then stayed on to enjoy the reception. Don’t be surprised if the newlyweds take off after the cutting of the cake!

A morning wedding

Perhaps to give guests time to nurse those hangovers from the previous night’s rehearsal, many wedding parties have been putting on the ceremony in the evening. But there’s been a return to the morning wedding. There’s something romantic about rushing to the church as the clock strikes ten. Plus, then you have the entire day to be with your guests!

White bouquets

Recently brides have been matching their own bouquet to the bridesmaid’s dresses, or perhaps the color scheme of the reception, but a craving for purity is back. Expect to see more white and pearly bouquets.


A big ordeal

According to The Wedding Report, only 19% of weddings are casual now and 57% are your good old-fashioned grand occasions with 150 plus guests. Hey, more power to the brides out there! They deserve all the eyes they want on them on their big day.

Simple invitations

For a while there it seemed like there was a nationwide competition to see who could have the funkiest/quirkiest/least traditional wedding invitations possible. But simple black print on white ecru cards is back in style—it should be the news that gets the attention, not the material it’s sent on.

Receiving line

Couples have opted for decades to jump right into the cocktail party and/or photo sessions after the ceremony, but today more and more are delaying the reception and having their guests line up outside the ceremony hall for a traditional receiving line, where the bride and groom introduce their new spouse to their friends and family.

Father-daughter dance

For a while the first official dance has been between the bride and the groom, but there once was a time when daddy had first dibs on a dance with his daughter, and that time has come again. Mother-son dances are back in fashion, too.

Tossing the bouquet

When was the last time you were at a wedding when the bouquet was tossed? You probably forgot that even happens…but it’s back! So be ready to make a fool of yourself and fumble over a pile of girls for a shot at love.

Tossing the garter

If it’s any consolation that you have to fight for a bouquet, the groom is once again sticking his head up his bride’s dress to pull off the garter—yup, that Hot (but awkward in front of parents) tradition has returned.

Musical chairs-style dancing

Like in any good Jane Austen novel, brides are once again making a point of dancing with every single guest at the wedding, allotting one or two minutes to each dance. So brides: bring comfy shoes.

Posed photos

Feeling they were too “sappy,” many couples have been foregoing the posed portraits and just asking their photographer to snap candids throughout the reception. But, a little healthy vanity has come back in style and couples are putting aside time for posed portraits.

“It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding”

This tradition has gone completely slack in recent years, with the bride and groom hanging out up until the moment they have to run to their posts to begin the ceremony. But not anymore! Avoiding your soon-to-be-spouse is trending again.

Daddy walking down the isle

The isle escort has been a free fall lately, with anyone from the mother to a flower girl escorting the bride to her groom. But the patriarch has stood his ground again: expect to see dads (or the next best available, like a grandpa or stepdad) walking the bride down the isle.



As a tag-on to the avoiding-the-spouse the day of the wedding tradition, veils are back in style! You may not see the bride’s makeup job until the person running the show says, “And you may now kiss the bride.”

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