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I think I’m going to start a petition to change the three “Rs” kids learn in school to reading, writing, and responsibility because there seems to be a rather large dearth of the latter going around.

Bringing up (several) yesterday’s news, rapper Shawty Lo recently sat down for an exclusive with Sister 2 Sister magazine, and it’s clear from the interview the 37-year-old is still a little salty he’s not going to be a reality star. We’re sure you remember the controversy that was “All My Baby Mamas.” If not, here’s the gist: Oxygen planned to air a reality TV show about Shawty Lo and the 10 women who fathered his 11 children, black folks went crazy and petitioned for the show to never see the light of day, Oxygen buckled under pressure, Shawty Lo started his own petition to bring the show back and has been crying, whining, and begging ever since.

In his latest interview with S2S, the misguided Atlanta rapper, unless we’re talking about his little troopers’ sense of direction up the birth canal, seems to think the concept of his show — remember 11 kids, 10 baby mamas — wasn’t the real problem. It was simply the title of the show. He told publisher Jamie Foster Brown:

“I really feel like the name that Oxygen came up with, ‘All My Babies’ Mamas,’ was dumb from the beginning when I heard that name. It was just the name of the reality show [that turned people off]”

Sorry, Shawty but I have to respectfully disagree. “All My Baby Mamas” was just the icing on that ratchet cake. The show could have been called “Shawty and ‘Dem Plus 10” or “11 and counting” like the names some of these other large family reality shows go by and that still wouldn’t change the basic premise or the core objection people had. Nobody, except him and Oxygen, wants to see a black man on TV with 11 kids by 10 different women, dating a woman who is nearly the same age as some of his oldest kids, who was speculated to be pregnant with his twelfth child. Nobody!

When all was said and done at S2S, Shawty had the nerve to tell Jamie, ““A show don’t make my life or break my life. It is what it is,” but he’s sure acting like it. When he started his petition to save the show, his argument was, “would you rather see 11 children struggle with mothers on welfare? Or watch a man support his children? Does it come down to the race card?”

Yes, it does come down to the race card. We see enough of this nonsense in our community on the news, we certainly don’t need a reality show about it. Check out video of his interview below. Thoughts?

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