True Life: I Wish I’d Known This When I Graduated College…

May 23, 2013  |  
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Did you just graduate college or will you graduate soon? Well, listen up love this right here’s for YOU. We spoke to the wise women on our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out what they wish they knew about the “real world’ before they graduated from college. (Some took offense to the term real world; but truth be told, for most college students, college provides an escape from “real world” responsibilities. So we think it’s applicable.) Either way, if you want an accurate picture of what you’re in for, check out some of the wisdom our followers have to share.

Kiri: That you should risk big now because you won’t be able to recover as easily from big mistakes later.

Franchesca: Some people never mentally leave high school and too often you end up working for them.

Zinobia: A expensive degree doesn’t equal a high paying job!

Sankaya: There are no short cuts to success. If you don’t grind, you don’t eat! Nothing is handed to you. Also, with loans, don’t take out more than you need. Sallie Mae is the devil! Lol


Flavia: Take advantage of the cooperative education (Co-op) programs at your school while you have the chance. It will be much harder for you to land a nice job after you graduate if the only job experience you have is working customer service at McDonald’s. It doesn’t even have to be a job that is directly related to your field. Any full-time office job where you are earning a salary rather than an hourly wage will give you a leg up in the real world after you graduate.

In addition, your work experience with these companies counts as training, so if you make a good impression, often these companies will hire you right away after graduation cause they know that they will not have to spend extra time training you like they would a brand new employee.

Lonnie: I wish I had been told to pay credit cards off at the end of every month and also that taking 12-15 courses per semester will not only help you graduate sooner but keep down the cost of student loans. These are all things I learned after the damage had been done. So I just graduated college with some debt that could have been avoided had I known the proper way to handle it. Lesson Learned and shared with other students of course!

LaWanda: That’s it’s not good not to work for 4 years just because you’re in school, even if you don’t have to. Get some type of experience that will make the path toward the job you want after school easier.

Lori: Even with a college degree, 90% of what you do in your career will require on-the-job training.

2 – Do NOT go into the workforce thinking you know more than the people who have been there for years. Get a “seasoned” employee to mentor you, then perfect your skills.

Esta: Your social circle will quickly dwindle. This is both good and bad.

Natoya: Education will only take you so far, you really have to grind, network and think outside the box. Networking and A$$-kissing are not the same thing. You have to be a jack-of-all trades: Know a little bit about everything; try to make it so that no one can do your job , but you.

And because one of our readers said all the other comments and pieces of advice were depressing her, I saved the most optimistic comment for last.
Grace: Never give up on your goals stay focused and let God handle the small stuff.

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