What A Shame! Celebs Who Wasted Their Careers!

June 6, 2013  |  
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Say it ain’t so…why did things have to go so badly for these celebs? from drug addictions, to arrests, to bad decisions…these celebrities not only fell, they fell HARD! Here are some of Hollywood’s biggest disappointments!

Janet Hubert

I know I’m not the only one who is still traumatized by the new “Aunt Viv” suddenly appearing on “Fresh Price of Bel Air” in 1993! It came as a complete shock to most fans when Janet Hubert was fired due to a reported contract violation and feud with Will Smith. The role was taken over Daphne Reid and Janet Hubert has just never had the same success in her acting career ever since.


After telling us to not mess with her man, nowadays it seems like all people know her for is being one of Lil Wayne’s baby mamas. The baby mama doesn’t end there either…she also had twin boys with R&B singer The Dream prior.  No surprise that she’s struggled to make any substantial music since then…

Bobby Brown

“Every little step I take” ended up turning into “every little mistake I make” with the type of lifestyle that Mr. Bobby Brown ended up living. Things were looking good for him up until his album in 1992, which ironically is the same year in which he married Whitney Houston, and then everything seemed to go down hill from there…drugs and alcohol addiction later and we now have a failed long term career by Bobby Brown with reported financial problems.


Lisa Bonet

After being fired from the Cosby Show in 1991, Lisa Bonet was forced to appear in made for TV movies and straight to video films. From that point on, she was basically known for her relationship with Lenny Kravitz and remembered by those Cosby Show fans that continue to reminisce about the good old days.


Tevin Campbell

Who can forget the 14-year-old sensation that took the R&B music world by storm in 1990? Well, I guess these days it’s easy to forget because he’s pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. At 36-years-old, the career that Tevin Campbell ended up having turned out to be a far cry from the guy who brought us the hits “I’m Ready and “Can We Talk.” Alleged alcohol and drug use might have hindered his career…


Chris Kelly

Not that we condone criticizing those who are deceased, and may the poor guy rest in peace after his untimely passing a few weeks ago, but the demise of Chris Kelly is a miserable one indeed. Everything seemed great back when he was telling people to “Jump Jump” with Kriss Kross, and yes it is hard to transition from a child act to an adult act…but drugs are just not the way to do it. Sadly, he had to learn that the hard way.

Lindsay Lohan

Sigh…does this one even need explaining? After being in the news so much, even your grandma probably knows who Lindsay Lohan is. Drug addictions, partying, and troubles with the law are to blame. Now she struggles to get movie roles and she’s reportedly suffering from financial problems.

Shane Sparks

From a featured choreographer on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and a permanent judging position on “America’s Best Dance Crew,” it seemed like Shane Sparks what on top of the dance game. Things could only continue to get better from there right? WRONG!  In 2009, he was arrested on charges of child molestation and in 2011; he was actually convicted of having sex with a minor under age 16. He served a 270-day prison sentence and is now a registered sex offender.


I like the way you do that right thurr! Sigh…Chingy was so damn cute when he first hit it big! Then he completely fell off…and landed HARD! At least we can say he wasn’t a one hit wonder…but he definitely was a one album wonder with his number one album Jackpot in 2003…10 years ago!

Tara Reid

If you know Tara Reid for any sort of movie other than American Pie, then you definitely deserve some sort of award, because it seems like once those American Pie movies ended, Tara Reid’s acting career ended with it. A few unsuccessful roles later…and we now have today’s Tara Reid who is know more for her botched plastic surgeries than her actual acting ability.


Gary Dourdan

Not too long ago, he was known as one of the finest men on television! Now he’s know as the guy who is possibly a drug addict, filed for bankruptcy and was involved in a domestic violence case. On top of that, he doesn’t seem to be working on any new projects these days. Damn, how things change…

Lauryn Hill

Sigh…wow, these wasteful careers will have us sighing all day long, this time it’s Lauryn Hill. After her Grammy award winning album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 1998, she went into a self imposed exile, had a few children, played a few lackluster concerts, and then got convicted for tax evasion. Not the best end to a career right? Well, you know what they say…it ain’t over till it’s over.



Despite being one of the biggest selling rap artists of all time, with selling over 30 million records worldwide at the height of his success, for some reason, we expected more from DMX in the long term. His last bout of major success came in 2006, and hasn’t produced anything successful since then, unless you include some of his successes in court since he has been plagued by legal problems his whole career.

Maia Campbell

After playing Tiffany Warren on hit TV sitcom In The House, Maia Campbell’s pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. The next time she resurfaced was in a mug shot during her arrest in 2010, in which she appeared to be very unhealthy. There were rumors of drug use, but nothing has ever been confirmed. Thankfully she resurfaced in February looking healthily beautiful.


Ja Rule

After selling over 30 million records in 2001, Ja Rule is probably one of the most disappointing artists to see fail! Some might argue that his demise in the music industry was due to the rise of 50 cent whom he had a feud with at the time. He didn’t make the situation any better though because due to a 2010 gun possession conviction and a tax evasion conviction in 2011, he ended up in jail for over two years! He was just released in May…a new album soon perhaps?


Amanda Bynes

Another one that you would have to be living under a rock to not know about…from being arrested for a DUI, to calling Jay-Z ugly on twitter, to wearing bizarre wigs and make up, Amanda Bynes is a complete train wreck. Rumored to be battling drug addiction, it’s no wonder her behavior is so bizarre. This former Nickelodeon star will definitely will not be making movies anytime soon.

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