Thank God That’s Over: 9 Moments No Woman Wants To Relive

May 22, 2013  |  
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Being a girl, growing into a woman is no easy task. There are a lot of bumps and bruises, twists and turns that just come with the territory. While we wouldn’t trade being a woman for anything, there are certain things we’re happy we never have to relive again.

First Rejection
Whether it was seeing your first middle school crush walking hand in hand with his girlfriend after you just professed your love to him or coming to the realization that your 30 year old science teacher was off limits to a mere school girl, that first feeling of romantic rejection is no joke. And certainly not something you’d willing choose to experience again and again.

First Time You Had To Break His Heart

On the flip side, having to play the bad guy and be honest about your lack of romantic feelings is no easy task either. As women, we’re particularly sensitive about not hurting others; but when the thrill is gone, the thrill is gone. Instead of stringing him along, it’s best to end it. Even though it has to be done, it’s certainly not a fun job.


This is a safe space ladies. So, it’s ok to admit that there’s been at least one instance in your life where you weren’t as covered as you should have been. And you know what I mean when I say covered. Maybe you didn’t realize your period was planning to make its debut the day you decided to wear your white jeans. Or maybe Aunt Flo was on a war path destroying all garments in her path. Whatever the situation, most of us have been in a public space showcasing our very private business.

Pregnancy Scares

Is she late?! Did the condom break? Did I forget to take my pill? Did my tubes untie? (Believe me, it’s happened.) Bringing a child into the world when you are prepared is already scary. But bringing a child into the world when you hadn’t even considered it, is something entirely different. If you’ve ever thought you were pregnant when you weren’t, you know the feeling of utter panic.

The Crazy Ex

I’ve talked to enough women to know that the “crazy ex” is very real indeed. The crazy ex could range from someone who was living foul in his own life to the man who was verbally, emotionally or physically abusive in the context of your relationship. This could also be the man who spazzed out when you decided it was time to move on. Whatever the situation, just be glad it’s over. Hopefully no one caught a case in the process. If there’s anything good to take away from the crazy ex, it’s that you know how the read the warning signs the next time.

The First Man Who Let You Know You’d Blossomed

Typically, the man who lets you know you’ve blossomed is not your locker mate at school or you crush. This man is creepy and decades older than you. But that doesn’t stop him from speaking about your developing body parts. He feels it’s his duty to let you know what he would do to you if you were just a little bit older. *Shudders*  Sadly, these inappropriate comments never end, instead we just get used to them. But we’re glad that we no longer feel the shock, disgust and utter terror we felt that first time.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Janet isn’t the only woman who’s had some trouble with her clothes falling a part. Her’s, unfortunately, just so happened to take place on a national stage. And I can’t speak for anyone else; but I know there have been times when my own areolas were trying to get some shine. Or times when my dress rode up and my booty tried to break free. Or the sheer was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, stuff happens. We can only hope and pray that you catch it before someone else does.

The Wyle Out Years

Everybody’s definition of wyle out might be different. And perhaps your reckless phase didn’t last years on end. Either way, if you’ve lived a wyle out phase, you know what I mean. Maybe some of us were drinking/smoking too much, spending time with the wrong people or just living in a way that went against everything your momma taught you. Whatever it was, hopefully you got it out of your system and learned your lesson.

First Heartbreak

Unlike the first rejection, the first heartbreak hurts on an entirely different level. With a rejection, your ego is bruised for a little while; but eventually you get over it and move on to the next fish in the sea. But a heartbreak knocks you down and takes you off of the market at least for a little while. With a heartbreak, you were actually in a relationship you thought was going somewhere and it never quite happened. Though you never get used to having your heart broken, that first one is surely unlike the others that come.

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