Surprise Pregnancies And The Insane Che Mack: 9 Ratch Things We Learned While Watching Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Last Night

May 21, 2013  |  
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Another week, another 60 minutes worth of foolery to discuss. Yesterday’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was full of surprises. People we forgot about returned, somebody turned up pregnant, somebody else has a new man while another person’s relationship is on the rocks once again. If you missed the episode and want the rundown of what happened, we’ve got you covered!

Traci Steele Wants Baby Drew For His Love, He Wants Her For Her Money

As was discussed last week in Brooke Dean’s piece on baby mother entitlement, it’s clear to even the blind that DJ Traci Steele is still in love with Baby Drew. Hence her outbursts at his apartment with his lady friends around, hence her calling every woman he involves himself with a b***h, hence her crying every time they talk. On last night’s episode, the two met up after their big blow up last week and per the usual, Steele brought up the past. Including the way Drew hurt her by messing with other women when she was six months pregnant. Because of this, she’s hurt…yet she keeps dealing with him on matters outside of their son. Despite showing a softer side, Drew didn’t want to discuss the past and went on to ask her if she could still run him $25,000, guilt-trip time, to open a boutique to feed their son. She tries to take it back to why she deserves better treatment from him…but still agrees to meet up with him again later to discuss “business.” Anybody else really just need her to be done with this man already??

Mimi Has A New Boo

Stevie J’s tight grip on Mimi Faust seems to be loosening (thank the Lord) because not only does she have her own place now, but she’s got a new man. As Aryan would explain later, she definitely does have a type with these muscular light-skin men working in the music industry. Anywho, he’s allegedly an old friend that she’s known for more than a decade, but she lets him know straight up that it’s going to take a different kind of man to deal with her because the incessant drama with Stevie has tarnished her view of men. However, he seems willing to take on the challenge.

Erica Breaks Off Her Engagement With Scrappy Because He Gets Caught Up Texting Other Women

Scrappy shall never get his mind right. Despite trying to persuade his momma and his ex boo thing, Shay, that he wants to only be with Erica, he can’t seem to persuade himself. After Erica “found” his phone with a bunch of messages from women claiming they were happy they got to see him and spend time with him, she sat him down to ask him why he gave her a ring if he’s not about to change. Of course, he played confused, claiming the texts were harmless and that she went in his phone looking for something negative so she ended up interpreting everything in his phone as such. She called bull and eventually said she wanted another break. The engagement ring that she was touting as “real as a dollar bill” at the beginning of the season is no longer on her finger…for now.

Rasheeda Finds Out She’s Pregnaeeeez…Pregnant In Scrappy Language

Somebody found themselves with the shock of their life last night. After telling Erica that she thought she might be pregnant, there was no excitement from anybody. Kirk spent a majority of the episode talking about money troubles he’s having as his family is dealing with health and legal troubles, so a baby getting put in the mix only made Rasheeda feel worried: “As of where we stand right now, this ain’t the best time between me and him.” She went to the doctor near the end of the episode and it was confirmed. She’s preggers, whether she and Kirk like it or not.

Kirk Proves Why Rasheeda Should Have Dumped Him As Her Management

Wacka Flocka’s mom, Deb Antney, might have been a little brutal with the way she spoke to Kirk last season about the struggles of his management skills, but checking out this new season, it’s clear that she was right. Kirk doesn’t know what he’s doing. After Rasheeda’s quarrel with K. Michelle, Kirk wanted his wife to do a diss track with the terribly untalented Karlie Redd. And later, when she tried to tell him that she wanted to take her popular fashion retail site, and make it into a store in Atlanta, which sounded like a good idea, he shut it down. It’s also clear that their work relationship is having a negative effect on their personal relationship. And with her career not going in the up and up direction, is he really helping her?

Meet Che Mack, The Only Person Who Can Make Joseline Hernandez Seem Mature

With her braces, big butt, and tattoo-covered body, Che Mack re-introduced herself with a bang (and a side of thirst) after making a brief appearance at the end of last season. After meeting up with Stevie J in the studio and telling him that she’s the artist he needs to mess with, she popped up at a lounge where Stevie and Joseline were at to celebrate her new record contract. Of course, in true I-want-to-be-a-cast-regular-next-season fashion, Mack crashed the party demanding that Stevie work with her (“Let’s do this like Brutus!”) and was all in Joseline’s face in an attempt to get to work with her in the future. Joseline calmly told her to “calm down” and that she doesn’t “talk to the help” (she’s getting high and mighty these days isn’t she??). Eventually, Mack was dismissed. But she (and her braces) will be back…

K. Michelle Explains The Necessity Of Having Salt In The Bedroom…

Don’t get me wrong. I like K. Michelle and her sense of humor on the show, but they either need to start following her music career or have her sit down somewhere. Seriously, all these storylines centering around her “love below” are killing a sistah softly. Anyway, the singer went with Aryan and Mimi to get her ladybits “vajazzled” (putting rhinestones down there for decoration), and while waiting to do so, she dished out some interesting bedroom advice. Don’t forget your salt:

“You pour salt around the bed to keep the sex demons away.”

And she looked dead serious when saying all this. I just can’t…

Karlie Redd Continues To Be Messy, Rants About Watching Joseline’s Sex Tape With Benzino

I can’t tell you whether or not Karlie Redd is a receptionist when she’s not rapping, but Redd was visited behind somebody’s desk by ex-boyfriend Benzino, who confronted her about the drama she had caused between him and Stevie J with the rumors she spread. Of course, she claims that Benzino showed her video of Joseline pleasuring herself, and went on to say that he had a sexual relationship with her in the past. The two went back and forth arguing about who was lying and discussed in disgusting length their own sexual escapades. In the end, an angry Karlie threw like three different things at Benzino’s face, including what looked like some headphones and basically called him scandalous. Why she is so extra, I don’t know, but it helps her keep a steady check.

Friendship OVER: Joseline And Karlie Redd Almost Engage In Fisticuffs

In an attempt to clear the air, Stevie J met up with Karlie Redd and unknowingly invited Joseline so that they could confront Redd about the lies she was spreading. Despite the fact that Joseline and Karlie had come off looking something like friends since the end of last season, sparks flew during the sit-down when Joseline asked why she was talking to “her man” Benzino about her. Karlie turned it around on her to accuse her of messing with Benzino, and before we knew it, Joseline was trying to pick something heavy up off the table to launch at Karlie Redd. “I’m sick of you, ho!” Of course, security jumped in before things could get too ratch and nothing was resolved. But if you ask us, knowing the type of bird behavior Karlie is into, we could totally see her lying to create a storyline for herself…girl, bye.

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