Do Not Take My Picture!!!! Celebs Who’ve Fought Back (Hard) Against Paparazzi

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It’s been the subject of debate for years: Are paparazzi too aggressive in their pursuit of celebrity photos? Do these celebrities have a right to privacy that’s infringed upon by such relentless hounding? We’ve all got our opinion, but after Princess Diana and many other unfortunate incidents, it does seem that celebrity photo journalism has been taken a bit too far  and these 15 famous folks would certainly agree. They’ve made their thoughts known by taking matters into their own hands – and beating photogs down with them.


Kanye West

Kanye West has had it out with the paps for years: In 2008, he and his manager were arrested for smashing a photog’s camera. In 2012, he attempted to grab the camera away from a female reporter who was bold enough to mention the name “Reggie Bush” in his presence. And of course he just went ape ish on some cameramen after walking forehead first into a pole.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s had a tumultuous relationship with the paparazzi for a while now, but they had never really provoked him until earlier this year, when an ish-talking photog threw some choice words his way. In response the Biebs lunged from his vehicle, threatening “I’ll f*%king beat the f*%k out of you!” before being shoved back to safety by his bodyguard.

Halle Berry

Earlier this year, Halle, Olivier and Nahla were mobbed by paparazzi as they exited the LAX airport. Olivier attempted to shield Nahla’s face from the ceaseless flashes while Halle screamed “It’s a child, you idiots!” to no avail. After finally securing Nahla in their awaiting vehicle, Olivier then lunged at a nearby paparazzo amidst Halle’s screams for him to stop. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Paulina Rubio

Earlier this month, photographer Hector Vela filed a lawsuit against Paulina Rubio for attacking him after he took a photo of her. But this wasn’t the first time Paulina’s had an angry encounter with the media. In 2006, after being followed by another photog, Paulina reportedly slapped the man’s camera and screamed “déjame!” – Spanish for “leave me alone.”

Adam Lambert

While attempting to enjoy a day on the beach, Adam Lambert became enraged when paparazzi refused to leave him alone. The American Idol runner-up then wrestled a photographer to the ground while trying to snatch away his camera.

Alec Baldwin

Photographers already know not to mess with Alec Baldwin anymore. He violently assaulted one of them in 1995 and another in 2010. But In 2012, Baldwin opened a whole new can of whoop a$$ on a roving photog when he shoved, pushed and punched the man in his face. Then, not 10 days later, Baldwin got into it again with another paparazzo: This time grabbing the man’s arm while calling him a “little girl.”

But just when the paps thought it was safe to take Alec’s photo again, he snapped on another one earlier this year, allegedly calling him a “krackhead”, “drug dealer” and “fool” (the photographer was Black).

Sean Penn

Think Alec Baldwin is bad? Sean Penn is worse. In 1985, the actor threw a rock at a photographer and was charged with assault and battery. In 1986, he dangled a photog from a hotel balcony in China and was charged with attempted murder. And in 2009, he kicked two photogs on separate occasions – even going so far as to tell one that he’d “put him in a box.”


While walking through an airport in New Zealand, Icelandic singer Björk asked that a photographer stop taking photos of her. When he did not, she tackled him and threw him to the ground, ripping his shirt – allegedly – in the process.

Mike Tyson

In 2009, a photographer alleged that Mike Tyson had pushed him to the ground – though Mike claimed that he was only trying to protect his family from the aggressive pap.

Mike was arrested for the incident but charges were later dropped.

Miley Cyrus

While exiting a gym in 2011, Miley Cyrus became enraged at a photographer attempting to get video footage of her and lunged at him in an effort to smack his camera away. The situation was eventually diffused, but that didn’t stop Miley from taking to Twitter to air out her grievances some more, saying “I hate the paparazzi with a passion.”

Russell Brand

In 2010, Russell Brand was arrested for attacking paparazzi at LAX airport after he caught them attempting to take up-skirt photos of then wife Katy Perry. But that wasn’t his only altercation. In 2012 he snatched away a pap’s iPhone and chucked it through the glass window of a nearby building.

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne delivers a specific form of punishment on those paps bold enough to take her pic: she spits at them. Gross as it may be, the pop star has done it multiple times over the years and it seems to do the trick.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ notorious baldheaded umbrella wielding paparazzi attack will go down in history as one of the best – and worst. Sure she stuck it to the paps good (videos show her slamming her umbrella into a photog’s SUV until it breaks), but she also looked a stark raving maniac in the process. Nevertheless, Britney asked the paparazzi to leave her alone and after they refused, she understandably lost her cool.

Cameron Diaz

Fed up with the bull, Cameron Diaz lashed out at paparazzo Saul Lazo and snatched away his camera after she claimed he startled her. Lazo told a different story of course – and then took it to the media.

Reps for Diaz maintained that she attacked in self-defense.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler has had many altercations with the paps, but none have been as bad as an incident in 2008 during which Butler punched a paparazzo several times in the face and lip. But though the incident was particularly violent, Butler’s reps claimed that the pap had been verbally harassing him and following his limo.

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