Clearly Folks Don’t Read: Future Says Lil Wayne’s Emmett Till Controversy Was Positive Because He Made People Aware Of Who Till Was

May 15, 2013  |  

I would hope that people wouldn’t get their education solely from listening to rap music (especially since the caliber of it these days is nothing to rave about), but according to Future, the rapper/auto-tuner/Ciara’s “king,” they do.

It was the remix of Future’s song, “Karate Chop” where Lil Wayne found himself in big trouble for saying, “Beat the p***y up like Emmett Till.” And because of such disrespectful lyrics, the rapper faced a great deal of criticism, and was dropped as the spokesperson for Mountain Dew, following in the step of fools like Rick Ross in facing actual consequences for raps.

But Future just recently decided to put his two cents in in an interview to not necessarily say that Lil Wayne’s lyrics weren’t bad, but to say that his reference to the Civil Right’s icon helped bring more attention to who Till was and his contributions to the freedoms folks have now, especially for those who didn’t know who he was…like Future’s own father and people in his circle.

“We did the song with great intentions…Naw, I never thought it was going to get so much attention. But I think overall, he did bring light in a positive way, to what happened. Even though they might have thought it was negative he brought positive energy to the situation. Because a lot of people don’t even know, my dad didn’t even know who Emmett was. He think I’m talking about Emmitt Smith. I’m talking a lot of people around me, credible people that should…He raised awareness to people who didn’t even know who Emmett Till is to young kids who didn’t even know what happened to him. It’s a lot, a lot of people, they don’t even understand. You ask them who he is they would never tell you, talking about “Emmitt Smith.” They don’t even know who he is. At the end of the day, he [Lil Wayne] brought positive light. So when situations like that do happen, I don’t believe in any way, form or fashion did he do that out of disrespect towards the family…”

“After Lil Wayne brought light to it, they had to go and do their research. It was more of an educational line moreso…”

You know, I can see what he’s trying to say. But if Lil Wayne wanted to speak on Till and bring his name out to the masses in a positive way, why equate the tragedy of his death to a sex act? Thaaaat’s right, because that wasn’t his intention. He just thought he was being clever. And he wasn’t. Check out Future’s interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood below, where he talks about the controversy.

What do you think of Future’s comments?

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