‘You Are Playing Yourself With That:’ Ne-Yo Reads Ray J For ‘Disrespectful’ Track, ‘I Hit It First’

May 15, 2013  |  

There are probably a ton of celebs giving Ray J the side-eye following his release of controversial track, “I Hit it First,” which clearly appears to be about the singer’s throwback sex tape with reality star Kim Kardashian – though Ray profusely denies it. Ne-Yo, however, just like the rest of the world, is convinced that the song is about Kim and refuses to even listen to it because he finds to be “disrespectful.” Or at least that’s what he told the folks over at Philly’s 107.9 during a recent interview.  The “Let Me Love You” singer also opened up about the paternity drama he found himself in the middle of with his”almost” baby mama Jesseca White, revealing that they’ve made peace with each other and the situation. Check out some of what he had to say below.

On “I Hit it First”: 

“I have not [heard it] and I will not. I personally feel like it’s nuts, it’s disrespectful for one. It’s disrespectful for the person that it is allegedly not about. I don’t have a beef with Ray J, don’t even go there, don’t even start that. I just don’t see the purpose or reason for that. You look nuts for that. I would have wrote him a song, Ray J holla at ya boy. I will write you whatever it is that you need. I have no problem saying it, ‘Ray J you are playing yourself with that. You are bigger than that, cut that out.”

On making peace with almost baby mama, Jesseca White:

“Me and Jesseca have made peace, about that whole situation. There is no beef between me and her. I would honestly like for people to stop dragging her through the mud. Everybody was young; mistakes were made on both sides.”

On Jesseca being demonized by the media:

“Vh1 definitely put it together so that I looked like the hero and she looked like the devil, but it was not like that. It was definitely mistakes made on both of our parts. My intention was not to have her screwed up like that. People went in and were sending death threats on twitter. Come on y’all, seriously, for real? I appreciate the support but that’s a bit far.”

On being bitter over the paternity dispute: 

“Here’s the thing, after that whole thing happened, I was bitter. I was bitter around the whole situation, so she was trying to get into the music business and wasn’t nobody trying to mess with her just behind me letting it be known what went down. It wasn’t like she disappeared by choice; there was nothing she could do.”

On what really went down between he and Jesseca:

“She did not trick nor bamboozle me! From the beginning, I knew there was a possibility that there could have been another father and once Chimere was born we both looked at him and went, ‘There is no way.’ So it was us that decided we weren’t going to do the test. My mom really felt like we should do the test, we did it and turns up he wasn’t mine. Never once did she lead me to believe he was mine and that there was no possibility of another father. I always knew there was a possibility of another father, Vh1 just didn’t put that all the way out there.”


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