Broken Hot Pockets And Strip Club Confessionals: LHHATL Episode 4 Recap

May 14, 2013  |  
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Last night, K. Michelle showed her natural behind on the fourth episode of LHHATL, while Kirk and Scrappy just decided to watch nekkid booties at the strip club all while swapping marriage advice. And let’s not forget the love triangles between Stevie J., Joseline, and Benzino, and Traci Steele, DJ Baby Drew, and a strange woman at his home. Bottom line: there was a lot going on and we’re still early into the season. Check out what went down.

Scrappy found his balls — kinda

We can’t be the only ones who were surprised that Scrappy finally sorta kinda tried to step up and defend his fiancee against the Queen of the Castle, Momma Dee, last night. Unfortunately for him, Momma Dee didn’t give a damn what he had to say about her lack of disrespect toward Erica, because she proceeded to let her son know his lady is a b-i-t-h-c and in that order.

Erica pumps the breaks

And because Momma Dee still doesn’t get it, and Scrappy is still wagging his tail between his legs, Erica decided to pump the breaks. Surprised, we are not. What we are surprised by is the fact that Scrappy still doesn’t get why his mother is a problem. He had the nerve to say Erica knew everything he came with from jump — um nobody in their right mind is going to sign up for marriage to a mama’s boy who’s mother calls her out her name every two seconds and tries to set her engaged son up with someone else.

K. Michelle’s c**chie don’t work no mo’

Poor K. her hot pocket is broke y’all. At first we didn’t quite know what K. Michelle meant when she said her hot pocket has been broken since the last guy she slept with, which by the way we think is JR Smith. Regardless, when she took a trip to the OBGYN and explained to her gynecologist that she can no longer get it wet, he gave her advice any good girlfriend would: get over that last loser!

Karlie Redd’s starting ish again

Remember last season when Karlie Redd broke the news to Mimi that Stevie had another woman? Well this season she’s starting more stuff again by telling Joseline that Benzino told her they slept together. Y’all know the Puerto Rican princess isn’t about that life, she quickly told Stevie J his boy was running his mouth. But he didn’t trip. Apparently it would’ve been nothing if Zino did sleep with Joseline, but since Stevie knows he didn’t, he just wants to know why he’s lying.

K. Michelle loses her natural mind

When we tell you K. Michelle went all the way off on Kirk last night, that doesn’t even sum it up. Kirk headed to the studio to confront the always outspoken singer, but within two minutes K. told him straight up: “f**k your wife.” Then she proceeded to question Kirk about he and Rasheeda’s lesbian relationship, his Lee press-on nails, and Claires Boutique jewelry. Oh and to top off the reading, she sang an impromptu song with shade for days.

Stevie puts his h* before his bro

We should’ve had a tally running for how many times Stevie and Benzino talked about Stevie’s b**** last night. Like, we almost forgot Joseline was even who they were talking about during this discussion on the curious case of texting at 6am. Apparently Benzino has been texting Joseline at some interesting hours, which only further heightens suspicions that he tried to sleep with her. But when all was said and done, Stevie wasn’t hearing any excuse Benzino had for the contact and the two decided they weren’t going to be brothers anymore.


Life lessons in the strip club

Men are so simple. Instead of calling Erica and trying to talk things over or having a serious heart to heart with his mom, Scrappy decides to hit up Kirk — in a strip club — for marriage advice. We don’t have to explain why this is a problem do we?

Traci Steele forgets she’s a baby mama

And poor Traci. While we feel the new cast member’s plight when it comes to her child’s father having random women around her son (and calling her the wrong name), last night she seemed to be more concerned about random women being around her — and that’s not her place. Mixing business with pleasure is the absolute worst idea or these two, they can barely co-parent. And newsflash Traci: It’s not just Drew’s fault you’re a baby mama.

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